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Best of … job interview accessories

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

October 3, 2011
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best of job interview accessoriesContributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

Looking for a way to improve your odds at a job interview? The things you take with you to the interview could be more important than you realize.

That’s right! The job interview accessories you select could make a difference between you and the other candidates. Here are our top picks for must-have goodies for your next job interview.

Executive binder

Keep everything organized and accessible

Leave the bulky brief cases and messy backpacks behind when you head off to an interview. You’ll look and feel more organized with your critical papers in an understated leather binder. No more searching through a cluttered briefcase while an interviewer looks on. The binder a truly elegant way to carry a few extra copies of your resume, your references, any notes you have for interview questions, your business cards, a notepad and pen.


Sleek, thin access to documents and the Internet on the fly

For those times when an interview asks for a document you didn’t bring, or you need to show off online content, an affordable tablet is the perfect job interview accessory.

Today’s extra-thin, lightweight profiles won’t weigh you down, and the up-to-the-minute styling will show your interviewer that you’re on top of the latest in technology. Choose a simple case in titanium or leather for the most professional look.

One tip, though. If you bring tablet to your interview, make sure you know how to use it! Nothing’s worse than watching a nervous interviewee struggle with technology!

A fine pen

In the age of styluses, the pen is not dead

Make sure the pen you take to your job interview says you care about quality. A standard plastic ball point pen might work for filling out forms, but it won’t give you an edge over the next job applicant.

But a unique writing instrument like this Celtic pen from GaelSong is the right choice for any interview. Its elegant styling and fine detail are sure to catch the eye of managers, making you stand out from the crowd. That little edge could be the difference between an offer and a “thanks, but no thanks.”

Business cards

The last impression matters, too

When your interview is over, make sure you have professional business cards to leave with everyone in the interview room.

For most positions, the best choice is a classic design in subdued colors, like the many business-focused choices from iPrint. But if you’re applying for a more creative position, choose a business card that shows your style. Make sure you choose a font that’s easy to read. Size, color and style all play a role in readability, so check your business card proofs carefully. And by all means proof for spelling and accuracy – nothing’s worse for your interview than handing out a business card with a misspelling or incorrect phone number.

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