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Best of … kids architecture toys

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 21, 2011
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One of the best of kids architecture toysContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Sit a kid down in front of box of Lincoln Logs, an erector set or container of Legos and they’ll disappear into their own world for hours.

Bottomline, kids love to build stuff. It’s a great way to combine an active imagination with a chance to bask in the glory of job well done.

To assist you in narrowing down all the choices out there, here are the best kids’ architecture toys.

Woodcraft meets architecture

Houses for young builders

beacon hill doll house

When it comes to kids architecture toys, playing with dollhouses might be primarily enjoyed by girls, but building dollhouses is equally enjoyed by boys and girls … and is a great family activity, too. From simple to complicated, and at price points in between, natural wood dollhouse sets from Cherry Tree Toys will keep them captivated until the dinner bell rings or the lights go off, whichever comes first.

And since Cherry Tree dollhouse kits are made out of real wood and not cardboard, they can last to become a family heirloom. Choose precut kits or plans, then add your own touches from their huge selection of accessories, details, finishes and of course, furnishing. Oh and one more thing…the “kids” who will love these kits stretch from about 10 to 110!

Go kinetic

For young builders who love movement


Architecture doesn’t have to be about building things that just stand still and look pretty. Sometimes, architecture is about creating the framework for action and movement.

That’s the idea behind the Chaos Tower kit. Kids get to arrange, rearrange and build with over 600 pieces to create a tower. But that’s only the start of the fun. Once it’s built, your kids get to drop the silver ball into their creation and see where it goes. This award-winning toy not only teaches basic structural technique, it also provides a great lesson in physics too! Not bad for one really great toy. Find more science toys like this.

Maze and marbles

Movement studies

One of the best of kids architecture toys

Not ready for the full free-standing construction of the Chaos Maze? No worries.

Variations of this theme have been around for years, and they’re always a favorite. In addition to using the 100 pieces to build innumerable structures, the maze and marble set from Young Explorers also includes marbles. Watching the marble, beginning at the very top, work its way down the various chutes is mesmerizing. That look on your child’s face doesn’t mean she’s contemplating joining the Moonies. No, she’s lost in the maze and the marbles; just as a good architect should be.

Architecture blocks

Real buildings

One of the best of kids architecture toys

Building and learning a bit about history along the way is a noble use of a child’s play time. And with this U.S. Capitol World Architecture Block set, you can honestly say your son constructed an internationally renowned building by the age of 7; and that was before lunch.


Building the world wonders

One of the best of kids architecture toys

Now this one will get the latent architect in a child bubbling over. In addition to quality constructed wood blocks and the building of an incredible Pharaohs Pyramid and Tomb, Met Kids went all out with this example of kids architecture toys. Each of the blocks is laminated with hand painted motifs from the world’s greatest architectural wonders. And your budding builder isn’t limited to all things Egypt. She can easily adapt these for cathedral construction, temples; you name it.


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