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Killer Heels for the Stylish Girl

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 27, 2013
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killer heelsContributed by Info Guru Lisa Pratto

That great pair of killer heels makes everything look better.

Legs. Skirts. The work day in front of you. For a girl with fashion attitude, nothing ups the ante of work and party attire like a pair of stilettos, classy pumps or flashy kitten heels. Find a great pair of each of these for your closet, and you’ll never step out on the wrong foot again.

10. Classic Pump

Classic Pump

The workhorse of heels is the classic pump. It goes with everything, looks good on everyone and can be worn in any season. Perfect!

Do make sure you have at least one pair in classic black patent leather. Then spice up your shoe wardrobe with pumps in unexpected colors like fire engine red, brilliant turquoise or sunshine yellow. And while you’re at it, a pair or two of two-tone spectator pumps are a great choice, too.

9. Sling Back

Sling Back

The ultimate heel for the girl on the go. Sling backs are just as comfortable at a romantic dinner for two as they are rushing down the hallway to beat a deadline at the office.

If you choose sling backs and plan to wear them a lot, do opt for a pair with an adjustable back strap. Elastic ones might be easy to slip on, but as the strap stretches you may find yourself doing the “step and adjust” with your shoes all day. Not a pretty sight!

8. Peep Toe

Peep Toe

Tease. That is the best adjective for this heel. Just a tiny bit of ones toes are exposed, leaving the male onlooker enchanted. Dare we say, aroused?!

7. Mules

red mule style shoes from Sexy Shoes

A lot of people kick off their shoes as soon as they walk in the door. And that’s great for keeping floors clean. But when it comes to heels as sexy as fluffy mules, you’re definitely want to keep these shoes on well into the bedroom. In fact, you might want to keep them there all the time…a stroll down Main Street in these babies wouldn’t be comfortable, but it would sure earn you some attention!

6. T-Bar


A newer, trendier heel, the T-bar has been seen on all the runways the past few seasons and celebutants love them.

5. Ankle Strap


There is just something sexy about a heel with an ankle strap. It is similar to a black velvet choker necklace around one’s neck. Plain. Simple. Downright hot.

4. Mary Jane

Mary Jane

This classic shoe from the 1950’s has moved uptown and been transformed into a killer heel that is not only cute, but also super comfy.

These are NOT your childhood Mary Janes, ladies. Trust me on that.

3. Platform


Loved in the 1970’s, but dumped quicker than a hot potato by the power walking yuppies of the 1980’s, the platform has slowly walked its way back into our hearts.

Now you’ll see platforms in everything from prom shoes to sneakers. (Never did get the point of those high-heeled sneakers, but trust me, they’re out there!)

2. Kitten


When I think of kitten heels, I think of Eva Gabor in Green Acres proudly wearing silk robes and kitten heels on her farm.

1. Stiletto


The heel to beat all killer heels. Wearing stilettos signifies you mean business. You are tough and sexy at the same time. You have amazing balance.

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