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Makeup Brushes and Tools You Need

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

January 27, 2015
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makeup toolsContributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

You spend a lot of time picking out the makeup and other cosmetics you use. But even the finest foundations, mascaras, blushes and lip colors won’t work well without the right accessories.

Forget those useless little applicators and brushes that some with your cosmetics. They just won’t do the job.

For the polished, glamorous look you want, here are the ten kinds of makeup brushes and other makeup tools you need.

10. Foundation brush

foundation brush

For a smooth, even and flawless finish, a foundation brush is the right tool. These short, rounded brushes with a flat top are perfect for blending and smoothing, eliminating streaks and avoiding the “rub it in” motion women tend to do when they apply foundation with their fingers. Remember, foundation is meant to float on top of your skin…this brush makes that easy to do.

9. Finishing powder brush


If you use a finishing powder to set your foundation, a fluffy powder brush is a must. The loose, soft bristles keep the powder from going on too heavy (which could emphasized wrinkles or pores) and give you a natural, smooth appearance.

8. Blush brush

blush brush

This super-soft domed brush is meant to apply blush (or bronzer) without removing or streaking your foundation. Use an extra soft touch with a blush brush to avoid splaying the bristles — you want a smooth, even application and that means the domed shape needs to stay intact.

7. Vegan brushes

Pure vegan makeup brushes are all synthetic and make it a piece of cake to apply your makeup with a professional touch. Purchase the right size and shape for the task, or treat yourself to a set of beautiful brushes and professional cleaner to keep your makeup table top notch. These luxury brushes allow you to apply powder, foundation and lipstick precisely, whether you outline and contour or not. That means no missed corners, no overshooting or overapplying and no smears.

6. Eye Shadow Brush

eye shadow  brush

Toss those awful little applicators that come with your eye shadow. They’re terrible for creating the smooth color you want… and they can pull on delicate eyelid skin.

Replace them with a soft eyeshadow brush designed to carry the right amount of color. Keep a second eyeshadow brush for blending once you’ve applied all of your colors.

5. Brow brush

eyes and eyebrows

A brow brush is a small, angled brush designed to carry a small amount of color to fill in sparse eyebrows and tame messy brows. This is is one of the most overlooked of makeup brushes, but it’s important for that final, finished look we all want.

They’re also great for smoothing out brows after using eyebrow tint. Just allow the tint to dry before gently brushing.

4. Make up mirror

woman looking into make up mirror

All the makeup and makeup brushes won’t do you any good if you can’t see what you’re doing when it’s time to apply your cosmetics. Stop leaning over your bathroom counter and squinting in the mirror. Invest in a good makeup mirror, place it where you can sit down to do your makeup and watch how much it changes the whole experience. Trust me, you will never go back to that over-the-sink lean again!

3. Makeup brush cleaner

washing makeup brush

Over time, makeup, skin cells and bacteria accumulate in your brushes. That could cause breakouts or even infections. And it wears out the bristles on the brush, too.

Using a gentle cleanser meant especially for cleaning makeup brushes will remove build up and keep your brushes working well for a long time.

2. Tweezers

Woman plucking eyebrow

Even if you have your brows waxed or threaded regularly, it’s important to have a good pair of tweezers in your make up tools to deal with those stray brow hairs that seem to pop out overnight. Select slant tip tweezers for the best grip on tiny hairs without pinching delicate skin.

1. A good storage system

makeup storage

Having a dozen brushes and every shade of makeup won’t do you any good if you can’t find things when you need them. Don’t just toss everything into a drawer or bag, either. That’s a good way to ruin those expensive brushes!

Look for a makeup storage box that allows you to keep brushes organized and safe, while keeping your makeup easy to find. Knowing what you have and where to find it is just as important as any beauty technique you may learn.

The right makeup brushes and other makeup tools are as important to your final look as an artist’s paint brushes are to their masterpiece. Select well-made tools and care for them. They will keep you looking beautiful for years to come.

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