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Best of … military design in fashion

Written by: Editorial Staff

December 13, 2011
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On the list of the best of military design in fashionContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Not exactly fitting for a night out at L’Orange, local purveyor of fine French cuisine (unless you go for the haute couture incarnation), military design in fashion is certainly making an impact.

You see it with teens, tweens and full-grown bi-peds; male and female.

So if you’re ready to get on board, here is the best of military design in fashion.

Pilot jackets

Lots of pockets

On the list of the best of military design in fashion

The fact that pilot jackets just plain look cool, this version is also extremely functional, particularly as we slide (kicking and screaming) into Fall and Winter. Pockets galore, 100% waterproof and will keep you warm even with temps as low as 25 degrees; now that’s all-purpose. Plus, it just plain looks cool.

Leather jackets

Stylish and trendy-setting


Since we’re already in the jacket department, let’s mosey around a little bit. You may not know Leather Coats ETC; well known for their various leather goods, has a good handle on military design in fashion too. A classic leather jacket is just one of many trendy-military inspired jackets they offer, and many of them are reasonably priced.

Military green

Cool in capris

On the list of the best of military design in fashion

Here’s something for the teens, or the really young-at-heart senior citizens out there that are feeling a little spunky. Part of military design in fashion is the use of green; military green that is. These cropped jeans are the perfect combination of trendy style with just enough Armed Forces undertones.

Military jacket

Doubles as stylish top

On the list of the best of military design in fashion

Technically, this is a Military Jacket, but clearly this works all on its own. Several shoppers have reviewed this beautiful piece, and so far nothing but top marks from the ladies who know. Soft, comfortable and damn flattering; rave reviews if ever there were any. Ready for the best part? Head over to Alloy’s now and you can own this for under $15! Gotta go, I’ve got a present to buy.

Swiss watch

Authentic military style

On the list of the best of military design in fashion

Okay, so guys like to play Army well into their 70’s; what of it? After that it’s just for babies; but until that fateful day, wow him with an authentic Swiss Victorinox (how cool is that!) military watch. And be prepared to hear him scratch out “Delta One-Niner, Delta One-Niner” at the oddest times and places. It’s just what we do.


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