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Monogrammed Gifts for Him

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 24, 2013
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monogram gifts for himContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

When giving a gift, take the time to make it personal.

And nothing says “personal” quite like a monogram. Monogrammed gifts are as stylish as they are unique. Here are some of the most popular monogrammed gifts for him.

10. Duffle Bag

Duffle Bag

For the man who loves to work out and stay fit, consider a duffle bag. A monogrammed duffle bag not only makes it easier to tote work-out wear back and forth from the gym, but the distinctive stitching will make it easier to spot among the utilitarian, sweat-stained bags that are the norm.

9. Travel Cooler

travel cooler

Make your romantic day trips even more pleasurable with a personalized travel cooler. Avoid frequent pit-stops for a cold drink or sweet snack with this practical present. Stash some of your favorite beverages before you head out and, with fewer unscheduled stops, you can make it to that romantic B&B in record time.

8. Stadium Blanket

stadium blanket

Let’s face it, once those brisk autumn winds start to blow, you can freeze your tail off tail gating! Keep your toes toasty and the romance alive by snuggling under a personalized stadium blanket.

7. Golf Towel

golf towel

If he is never late for a tee time and records the PGA Tour, your man might be a good candidate for a personalized golf towel. Not only will he look stylish on the greens, but you will get to keep your pretty “guest towels” crisp and sweat-free.

6. Grill Master Apron

Grill Master Apron

You knew from the first time he took you to his family’s annual “Beasty Feasty,” and shared his secret BBQ rub recipe, that this handsome Grill Master was the one for you. Now you can let the whole world know with a customized Grill Master apron.

5. Sweatshirt


If you are the kind of woman who thinks that a man is never more attractive than when paired in a sweatshirt and jeans, consider getting your significant other a monogrammed sweatshirt. Not only will he look rugged and athletic when he wears it, but you can “borrow” the sweatshirt when he isn’t looking and wear it, too.

4. Wind Jacket

wind jacket

Sure, he always says that he isn’t cold, but he always ends up with the sniffles and nagging cough. So, if your idea of a couple’s weekend isn’t nursing a miserable man back from death’s door, consider investing in a personalized wind jacket. Or, better yet, get two jackets and tuck one in the trunk of the car for those times that he “forgets” to grab one.

3. Laptop Sleeve

laptop sleeve

After the mad dash to get out the door, it can become painfully obvious that (for the most part) all laptops basically look the same. So, rather than end up with a laptop that has plenty of fantasy football stats, but absolutely none of the research that is going to help you get through your big business presentation, consider investing in the gift of a personalized laptop sleeve.

2. Pillow Case

monogram pillowcase

He is perfect in nearly every way. He puts down the lid, and brings you flowers, and even says “I love you” in front of his friends, but his apartment is decidedly lacking in the comforts of home. Help him spruce up the pad with some plush sheets. Nothing says “I have a fabulous girlfriend, and she wants the world to know it!” like personalized pillow cases.

1. Bath Towels

monogram towel

Maybe it is the same lucky towel that he used before the big game that won his team the college championship. Or perhaps he believes that two towels are plenty to have on hand—one to use and one to drip dry for later. At any rate, if you want to make sure you have something other to toilet paper with which to dry your hands off, consider getting him a monogrammed bath towel.

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