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Most Comfortable Bras for Small Busts

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 9, 2015
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bras for small breasts

by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Good bras must be supportive, strong and only noticeable when you intend them to be.

Contrary to what many believe, women with small cup sizes can’t go braless or wear just anything. Rising back bands, strap slippage and that awful gap between the cup and breast are hard to avoid if you’re buying the wrong size or style.

The most comfortable bras for small busts are functional and sexy. When you find one you love, buy three of them!

10. Push-up


It’s a huge misconception that small busts don’t need support. A little padding in the right areas not only ensures a contoured look, it also keeps the garment in place! Push-up bras with underwire have padding at the bottom of the cup for a sexy, comfortable boost. The best styles have angled straps so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

9. With plunging necklines

With plunging necklines

Okay, so having a small bust is fabulous, especially when it’s time to dress up. You can own a plunging neckline without fear! This occasion calls for an equally sexy bra with sculpted, partial cups. Options are endless from romantic lace, to barely there.

8. Proportional back support

Proportional back support

The more padding you wear, the thicker the back strap should be to give you maximum support. The inadequate support of too-thin straps is what creates the riding-up annoyance. This especially applies to push-up styles designs that go heavy on the lower padding.

7. Scoop cups

Scoop cups

Women who tend to dress in a hurry, it’s super important to put under garments on correctly. Take the time to adjust the straps first then scoop each breast into its cup. Small-busted women should make sure all tissue is contained in the cup in the interest of comfort, appearance and to avoid bulging at the side or underarm. Sporty bras with underwire and a full cup encourage thorough scooping.

6. Small cups, wide frames

Small cups, wide frames

While some ladies with small boobs can get what they need in the junior section, those with a wide frame will find the cups too close and straps too small. Try on adult styles with small underwire cups and go down one size if you don’t want padding.

5. Triangles


No need to overwhelm tiny breasts with unnecessary coverage. Embrace the freedom, affordability and comfort of triangle bras – not everyone can wear them. This flirty style supports with a wider back band. Best of all, triangles often come in XS-XL sizes instead of cup and band measurements, which actually makes it easier to find the best fit. Some even have a lovely front clasp.

4. Bralette


Among the most comfortable bras for small busts, shapewear bralettes pair perfectly with revealing clothing. Similar in shape, but sexier than sports bras, this wireless style offers minimal support to complement slight figures. Pretty second-skin fabric makes it easy to forget you’re wearing something underneath.

3. T-shirt


One of the most comfortable bras for small busts, a perfect t-shirt bra is something every woman deserves. This basic style offers a classic, comfortable fit that looks good under any type of thin tee. One of the more affordable types, make sure it’s made with a strong, durable fabric that won’t pill. If you prefer a lift, try one with subtle gel padding.

2. Lightly padded

Lightly padded

Lightly padded bras fill out the cups to create a fuller shape without adding volume. They cover the nipple and accentuate your feminine shape with an added bit of cleavage. This is a style you can wear under silky dresses, stretchy cotton or thin blouses without worrying about lines showing.

1. Racerback straps

Racerback straps

Cheers to no more strap slippage ever! If you’re sick of reaching in your top to slide the straps up, switch to racerback or T-strap styles. You’ll never go back. The positioning is supportive and secure. This style often has intricate backs that pair beautifully with dresses and tanks.


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