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Best of … music stores online

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 30, 2011
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Contributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Good music, like food and fashion, is most certainly in the ears of the beholder.

With such a wide array of choices, narrowing down the search of online options can be a chore.

And so, in an effort to save you time, energy and potential frustration we’ve arrived at our Best of Music Stores Online just for you.

Vocalist Accessories

Music for everyone

One of the best of music stores online

Akin to admitting you like The Carpenters, karaoke is denounced by everyone. Yet someone’s out there singing and someone else listening to all those wannabe crooners across this great land. If you’re one of them (never!), or know someone who is (much more likely), connect with your inner-karaoke. The right karaoke machine is even portable and ready for this summer’s family reunion.

Children’s Music Stores

Music for the kids

One of the best of music stores onnline

As the old adage goes, nothing soothes the savage beast like music. The savage beast in this case is the obstinate 7-year old insisting she’s not tired, though she needs toothpicks to keep her eyelids from slamming shut. It’s situations like this you’ll be glad for the folks at Music for Little People. This collection of Sweet Slumbers is sure to have the little darlin’ snoring in no time, securely positioning this as one of the best music stores online. Once your little tyke is a bit older get them a musical instrument of their very own.

Southwest Strings

Everything for students

One of the best of music stores online

For the budding music student young or old, Southwest Strings warrants inclusion on our Best of Music Stores Online. Sheet music for marching bands or orchestras, replacement equipment and supplies and even beautiful instruments like this complete violin set. It even has special strings for the novice to even out the tones resulting in better sound quality. And let’s face it; during the early stages of learning an instrument, the entire family will appreciate smoother tones and better sound.


Digital components

One of the best of music stores online

You don’t need chops like Aretha Franklin, or the ability to tear up the guitar like Hendrix to have an appreciation for music. One of the best music stores online for those interested in what goes on behind the music is zZounds. Producers and budding studio junkies will love zZound’s selection of digital mixers, like the affordable PreSonus StudioLive. It’s people like you that make all those 12-year starlets sound so darn good.

Cascio Interstate Drums & Percussion

Bang a drum

One of the best of music stores online

With over 25,000 drum-related products, every head-banger in the world (if not their neighbors) needs to know about Cascio Interstate Drums & Percussion. If you can’t find it at Cascio’s, it probably doesn’t exist. Not only are the percussion instruments top quality, many of them qualify as artwork to boot. The Meinl Congo Rope Tuned Djembe looks as good as it sounds.

Musician’s catalogs

Friendly service for real musicians

One of the best of music stores online

The go-to place for guitar and bass players, musician’s catalogs have everything from the working musician’s every day guitar to the coveted instruments in their “Private Reserve” collections. Dollar wise musicians know to check out the deals and used gear first, and there is always expert help at the 800- number.

Musical Instrument Stores

The horn section

One of the best of music stores online

No list of the best music stores online would be complete without some horns, especially a sax. Bass and Woodwinds stores, as the name would imply, qualifies as a one-stop for horn blowers (the good kind). While I do not profess to be an expert on quality saxophones, I am when it comes to bargains. Take this JinYin model for example; it’s less than a 1/3 of the suggested retail price. Nice.


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