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Nautical Inspired Looks

Written by: Lindsay Shugerman

May 29, 2013
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Contributed by Info Guru Lindsay Shugerman

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been on a yacht, or live hundreds of miles from the nearest beach. Nautical inspired looks are one of those fashion classics that always work. Take it campy or aim for the tried-and-true, but either way, you’ll make a splash in seaside and shipboard looks.

Not sure where to start? Here are my top ten suggestions for creative a nautical look of your own, with a few giggles and I-couldn’t-resists along the way.

10. Stay warm deckside

Even in summertime, it can get chilly on deck. That’s why seasoned (and seasonal!) sailors know that it’s wise to keep a cozy hoodie on hand. But that doesn’t mean you have to look anything from stylish. Leave that ratty hoodie behind, and invest in a stylish new hoodie in, what else, NAVY blue!

9. Boat shoes

boat shoes

One of the most important things you’ll wear on a boat are your shoes. Forget the high heels or smooth leather ballet flats. You’ll need shoes that can survive damp days and provide a safe grip on wet surfaces. And that’s where boat shoes shine. Go with classic looks in brown and tan, or opt for newer looks in pastels or bright colors.

If you’re actually heading out on a boat, watch for shoes with a boat shoe look, but without the safe, non-slip soles. All the pretty in the world won’t look good when you’re sliding overboard!

8. A jaunty hat

ginger rogers

Classic movie icon Ginger Rogers looks adorable in a captains cap, so why not follow her lead and add a similar cap to your collection of nautical inspired looks. You can find replicas online, or enjoy the thrill of the hunt while shopping for an authentic naval hat in local second hand or vintage shops.

7. White top with blue stripes

navy and white ladies shirt

Or is that navy with white? Oh, well, it doesn’t matter.

A white top with navy blue stripes (or vice versa) instantly adds a nautical feel to your wardrobe. Look for shirts with a boat neck or v-neck cut for the classic seaside look for women. For me, a loose cut t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt can work that same marine magic.

6. The real old sailor look

old sailor look

If you want your nautical look to be really authentic, you could always go for the real thing. Invest in a sweaty chambray shirt, a sea-stained sailor’s hat and a belt with a U.S. Navy logo, and you’re good to go! Prefer the whites? Go for it! And if anyone in your neighborhood or local mall looks at you funny, just tell them it’s all the rage in Paris. That might just get the other fashionistas on-board (pun intended!) with their own sweaty-sailor-chic attire!

5. You’ll look forward to rainy days

blue raincoat

A raincoat is a staple of the nautical fashion look, but that doesn’t have to mean shapeless tents in highlighter yellow yellow. Choose a pastel or sunny jewel tone rain jacket that keeps the rain and mist out, but looks and feels great to wear.

4. Sailor dresses

sailor dress

Not Sailor Moon, people. Sailor dresses! Think big collars, blue and white fabric and nautical-themed belts and trim. Pair it with some navy blue slip-on’s and you’ll be ready to lead the (fashion) fleet to a great summer look.

3. Nautical jewelry

nautical jewelry pearls

When it comes to fashion, the details count. So make sure you top off your look with some nautically-themed jewelry. Look for pearls, anchors, lighthouses, or sea creatures in blue, white or gold. Men can opt for larger versions of anchors or lighthouses on pendants or rings. Or totally channel the 1970′s with a puka shell necklace — an equally opportunity bit of weirdness for men and women alike!

2. Cute shoes

blue and white ladies shoes

If your nautical look will be seriously land-locked, ditch the boat shoes for a pair of adorable espadrille wedges in navy and white or red and white. Pair them with that sailor dress, summer shorts or a pair of summery linen pants. Think of it as nautical without all that annoying water, right?

1. Tickets for a cruise

cruise ship

What? You say you can’t WEAR tickets? Okay, I’ll be happy to take that challenge on! Send me a pair of prepaid tickets for a luxury cruise and my husband and I will be happy to wear them as hats, pinned to our shirts or as a creative pocket square. We’ll be sure to send copies from our first port of call! Can’t wait to rock this fashion accessory!

No matter where you live the marine fashion look is a great choice for summer. Get creative, and find your very own ship-board style.

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