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Best of … new hobby ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 23, 2011
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One of the best of new hobby ideasContributed by Paul Seaburn, Top 10 Guru

You have dozens of scrapbooks, piles of knitted scarves and shelves full of plates, gnomes and other collectibles.

It’s time to find a new hobby that will stimulate your imagination, impress your friends and keep you from becoming a television zombie – unless acting like a zombie IS your hobby. So get off your hobby horse and get onto one of these great new hobby ideas.

Moon Gardening

Tend your garden by moonlight

One of the best of new hobby ideas

Vampires aren’t the only creatures that come alive at night – many flowers do too. Look for a collection of seeds particularly for gardens that look better under moonlight. That makes moon gardening a fun nighttime hobby for the insomniac and the gardener with a glow-in-the-dark green thumb. Flowers that are night-blooming favorites include Four O’Clocks and Brugmansia. Other flowers, like petunias and verbena have scents that are stronger in the evening. Evening primrose – which first opens in the evening to wither the next day – and moonflower – which open in the evening and close when touched by the morning sunshine – are appropriately named for a nocturnal garden. Grab a shovel and watch your step as you enjoy their moonlit glow.


Ancient craft

One of the best of new hobby ideas

Not the gym variety of spinning, this ancient craft turns fiber into fabric. Find everything you need, from yarn to a solid old-world but totally modern spinning wheel at WEBS. The artistic release and rhythmic nature of this craft will soothe your soul and add a new dimension to your understanding of “hobby.”


Create your dream home

One of the best of new hobby ideas

Dollhouses are not just for little girls. Designing, building and decorating your dream home – only in miniature – is a satisfying and engrossing hobby for grown up girls and men, as well. Cherry Tree Toys has everything you need to satisfy the frustrated architect, artisan or interior designer in you. Go classic, go modern … historical or from your imagination. Miniatures are addictive and you’ll find that, just like for your real home, your “doll house” always needs just … one more thing.

Zombie Collections

If you can’t beat ‘em…

It’s hard to believe, but just a few years ago, zombies were a minor part of the horror movie and literature scene. And then the zombie world took over, and suddenly there were zombies everywhere — zombie figurines, zombie costumes, zombie jewelry and even zombie snacks. Suddenly everyone was talking about how they would prepare for the inevitable zombie invasion. And collecting zombie-themed items like the ones at Things You Never Knew Existed became one of the newest trends.


Take control of technology

Decades ago, the idea that people could build their own robots was the stuff of science fiction. But not so today. With kits for beginners and parts for advanced robotics fans available everywhere from state surplus warehouses to hundreds of websites, the age of the robot is clearly upon us.

Why not jump into the new world of interactive technology and AI (artificial intellegence) by taking up robotics as your hobby? You can start small with a robotics kit and learn the basics. After that, the sky’s the limit.

Sculpey beads

Jewelry in clay

One of the best of new hobby ideas

A bead store or the jewelry-making supply store has everything you need to build a hobby around creating beads in sculpey – a clay that is easily manipulated and bakes in the oven. The possibilities are endless, and easy, but as you build your confidence and refine your designs and color combinations, you’ll have beads to create the most sophisticated jewelry you can imagine. Combine your home-made beads with sterling or gold findings, and your jewelry will become works of art.

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