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NFL Fan Nation Collectibles

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 17, 2015
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NFL fansby Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

Anyone who has ever loved, or even just been friends with a sports fan, knows that they are a unique bunch.

Rooting for their favorite team usually isn’t enough to really show off their fandom. When talking about professional football fans there are a number of different collectibles people are going to amass that show off not only that they love the sport, but exactly which team they owe an allegiance. When considering the top 10 NFL fan nation collectibles, there are some things that stand out from the pack as better than others. If you are shopping for a gift for one of these super fans, you are going to want to pick the very best of the best.

10. Mugs


One of the ways in which NFL fan nation members can show off they are big time fans wherever they go is by drinking from a coffee mug that displays their team. There are a number of different designs but the basic approach is to have a mug with the logo of their favorite squad.

9. Party Favors and Mementos

nfl wedding

If you are planning a wedding or other major life event, this is the perfect opportunity to incorporate NFL colors, team emblems and football themed favors that broadcast your super fan status. Choose coozies or stadium cups in your team colors, imprint a logo, or add your photo – decked out in full fan gear – to customized guest cups.

8. Programs


One of the truly original collectibles that a big time NFL fan might love is a program from one of the biggest games in the history of the sport. You can get a program from the fan’s favorite game, or just a game that is very important to the sport in general.

7. Bobbleheads


Bobbleheads have long been a part of the sports world as a collectible toy. There are some that harken back to years ago. There are also some that depict players from today. What kind you get for your favorite fan depends on their tastes.

6. Toys


Bobbleheads are one toy that NFL fans love to collect but there are plenty of other sports toys out there that can be bought as a series, or to build a collection. There is a ton of toys that will help NFL fans show off their fandom.

5. Pennants


Pennants are a great way for fans to show off their love of the game. There are few things that show the way the game has changed and the way teams have changed than collecting pennants from different eras.

4. Trading cards

trading cards

Football trading cards are something that has been around for decades. Your favorite fan, might be someone who loves cards for a bygone era. They might also like cards from their favorite team today. If they are a real collector they’re probably in love with both.

3. Jerseys


Like quite a few other things on this list, NFL jerseys can be something that people love depending on whether they want to get jerseys from long ago, or collect all the jerseys from all the teams playing today.

2. Hats


When talking about hats, there are a large number of different ways you can go. There are some hats that call back the “good old days” and others that just show off different designs. Collectors worth their salt will love to get these hats.

1. Helmets


Like a ton of other items on this list, the helmets a collector wants are going to any number of different kinds. Some helmets can call back to an earlier time. But someone who belongs to NFL fan nation is going to be loving any authentic helmet.

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