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Old Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 25, 2015
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fireplace makeoversby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Fireplaces add warmth and comfort to a home, but after a few years they’re bound to need a touchup or perhaps a full facelift.

Whether it’s made from stone, brick or dry-wall, fixing it up will completely transform your space.

These old fireplace makeover ideas are modern, cozy, and easy to do.

10. Vintage style

Vintage style

While most homeowners approach this project from a visual perspective, there’s an opportunity here to make yours more efficient so it’ll produce more heat. Stylish gas inserts are one such two-in-one solution. They come in contemporary designs, as well as vintage Victorian fireplace styles.

9. Metal surrounds

Metal surrounds

Adding a metal surround is a quick way to instantly update old, drab brick. It covers the façade with a sleek, metal cover – modernizing the architectural look without damaging the actual structure. Frame it with two sculptural lamps to continue the theme of cool metal and warm light.

8. Add height

Add height

Mantles that end half-way up the height of a room chop up the space in an odd way. Create harmony by simply extending the mantle all the way up to the ceiling and painting it a single color. Shop for a new, well balanced and perfectly proportioned mantel with your room dimensions in hand. Then, use minimal accents – a flower vase on one side, a candle on the other – and add a bold painting to the center as the primary focal point.

7. It’s electric

Its electric

A number of out-of-use ones basically just take up space. Install a modern electric fireplace instead and enjoy the warmth and glow. These come in a wide range of designs – cherry wood, rustic stone, and versatile white facades – to fit your existing décor.

6. New screen

New screen

Some of the best old fireplace makeover ideas are also the easiest. Freshen up the appearance with a stylish new fireplace screen. A necessary, functional part of working ones, they can greatly enhance the overall look. Think of it as adding jewelry to a plain outfit.

5. Tiling


Contemporary fireplace surrounds come in all shapes and colors. Tiling adds a particularly artistic, textural touch. Ornate designs will pair best with sleek mantles – white works well. Add colorful art above or nature-inspired accents like candles or a vase of river pebbles.

4. Modernize


Old fireplace makeover ideas call for working with what you have. If the brick expands over an entire wall, you can’t simply cover it with a surround. Try painting it white and adding if you really want color, add a chrome surround. This directs the focus while putting a unique twist on a dated wall. Warm up the space with country home accents like tin lamps and wooden chandeliers.

3. Antique touch

Antique touch

Many hearths simply lack a distinct style. They lower your heating costs, but add nothing in the way of beauty or atmosphere to a room. Cover boring, old stone or brick with an antique-inspired mantle featuring intricate details. Add a bronze mirror and fender for a warm, traditional look.

2. Make it appear bigger

Make it appear bigger

If you have a disproportionately small fireplace in a large room, use a few tricks to make it appear larger. Paint the fireplace and area around it the same color so it serves as a single element. Choose an over-sized painting or sculpture in the same color and secure it above to create the illusion of one large piece of work.

1. High contrast

High contrast

Pull the whole room together by incorporating a distinct color scheme. A white facade around the hearth serves as a stunning contrast to a colorful room with subtle furnishing. Accentuate it by installing a piece of art in the same colors. Paint the inside black for style and so a roaring fire can take center stage.

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