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Best of … outdoor activities for kids

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 22, 2011
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One of the best of outdoor activities for kidsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

“Go outside and play” is something we all heard growing up; and have probably said to our kids at some point.

The response after looking up from the Playstation is usually something like, “and do what?” A legitimate question deserving of a legitimate response.

In answer to that insightful yet borderline annoying query, I bring you the Best of Outdoor Activities for Kids.


Work off excess energy

One of the best of outdoor activities for kids

In this case, literally. Giant balls are a full day of fun just waiting to happen. After the kids are done bouncing and laughing themselves silly, organize a game of bounce-basketball or bounce races in the front yard.


Classic set or something new

One of the best of outdoor activities for kids

If you want to really go nuts, jungle gyms and outdoor playground equipment will put the local park to shame. Or you can stay old school and settle for a tried and true swing set. Nothing flashy, no bells or whistles, just good old fashioned swingin’. Well, maybe a bit more than just swinging. It’s imperative that kids launch themselves from previously unseen heights at least once or twice.


Hit the pavement

One of the best of outdoor activities for kids

Remember when you made your first skateboard? Screwing the metal wheels from a beaten down pair of roller skates onto a hastily cut piece of plywood was all we needed. Skateboarding is one of the tried and true outdoor activities for kids that has clearly stood the test of time. While the metal wheels may be a bit passé, the Santa Cruz Landshark certainly isn’t. This ride will place your kid firmly at the top of the skating hierarchy, without breaking the bank.


Pedal through the neighborhood

One of the best of outdoor activities for kids

Right along with the good ‘ol skateboard, one of the can’t miss outdoor activities for kids is hopping on a bike; ideally a bmx bike. Sure, it’s normal to reminisce about banana seats and tassel-clad handle bars, but kids today need something a bit… sportier. Look for a huge selection of rides including mountain bikes and street racers. But for kids, there’s no substitute for the tried and true BMX bike.

Inline skating

Not your old roller skates

One of the best of outdoor activities for kids

Let’s face it, roller skates have gone the way of pet rocks and disco. You want outdoor activities for kids that involve flying around on a set of wheels (without handlebars); it’s all about inline skates. The kids’ll love the the selection of inline skates and great prices. They look cool, they grow with your kids’ feet so they’ll last forever (or at least until next summer)!

Snow tubes

Better than a sled

One of the best of outdoor activities for kids

Taking the old school sled to all new heights, check out the Snow Tube. As far as outdoor activities for kids go, this is a sure-fire winner. The trick isn’t getting them outside; it’s getting them back in the house after an afternoon of tubing that’ll take some doing.

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  1. Ashley on August 25th, 2011 8:35 am

    Thanks for listing Maukilo as carrying some of the best outdoor activities for kids!