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Top 10 Things for Packing a Diaper Bag

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 7, 2010
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Contributed by Bridget Wright, Info Guru

Most new moms don’t know the most important things for packing a diaper bag because they fear they may forget something very important while they’re on an outing with the baby.

Many experienced moms know exactly what to pack, but sometimes may not pack enough or underestimate what they may need for themselves and the baby. Here are 10 essential items that should not be absent from the baby bag:

10. Burp cloths

A baby’s favorite thing to do is probably spitting up, and they do a lot of this many, many times in a day. Be sure to include several sizes and absorbency levels to use to protect both mom’s and the baby’s outfits.

9. Money

Often overlooked, but always needed, money is definitely a must-have for the diaper bag. Small bills and quarters are ideal for the change purse side if mom and baby are going to out for a while, or if they’re going somewhere where they’ll need a little money. Having to schlep an extra few blocks because you forgot coins for the meter is not fun with baby in tow.

8. Blankets

Babies need blankets for comfort and coddling and to keep them warm. Be sure to include a small one in the diaper bag, or two if the trip is going to a semi-long one. Also for comfort to the little one, include a pacifier or two to help soothe them to sleep on their blankets.

7. Mom’s things

For mom’s peace of mind, this should include her cell phone, sun-block lotion, tissues and pain medications for herself and the baby. These things usually take up a small area of the diaper bag and hold everything mom might need.

6. Food

Include bottles of formula, powdered formula and bottled waters or bottles of breast milk, depending on what the baby is eating. For older babies, include small jars of food and bottled waters for those lunch dates out.

5. Change of clothes

This would be for both mom and the baby, if applicable. Babies get sick or dirty all of the time, so it’s best to have a quick change of clothes in case the need arises. If there’s enough room in the diaper bag for moms things, it would be great to put a blouse change in there too, in cases of spit-up episodes or the like.

4. Toys

This includes teething rings, board books, soft toys or whatever the baby’s favorite thing(s) are to play with. Rotate this out often to clean and/or replace old toys as needed.

3. Changing pad

This is a necessity in case there aren’t any changing stations or supplies where mom and baby will be. It’s also good to use to lay the baby on and keep them away from germs and bacteria on other surfaces.

2. Wipes

In addition to cleaning the sweet baby’s bottom, wipes can double-duty as well as a cleaning cloth for mom, especially if they are out eating. A travel-sized container of wipes should be sufficient for the trip.

1. Diapers

Probably a no-brainer, but in the haste of packing up the baby and yourself, sometimes diapers can slip your mind. Be sure to pack both cloth and disposable ones, depending on your personal preference. Include anywhere from 6-8 to be sure that you have enough on your outing. Also include diaper rash ointment and cream for emergencies.

Although these are the essential things that you want to be sure is in your diaper bag, there may be other things that you’ll find that you need as a part of your regular outings. Just be sure to take the things that you know you’ll use to make your outing as fun and stress-free as possible!

Since many baby bags on the market today come in such funky, cool colors and styles, moms can double their use as a diaper bag and a shoulder bag so as to keep them from having to change every time they go out. With or without the baby, their baby bags can do double-duty with the right necessities for both mom and the little one.


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