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Personal Trainer Secrets

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 24, 2013
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personal trainer secretsContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Adapting a healthy lifestyle is no great puzzle – exercise regularly, eat whole foods cooked with care and get plenty of sleep – but that doesn’t mean personal trainers are useful.

People aren’t robots. They can’t flip a switch to curb cravings and suddenly love the treadmill – getting into shape is hard.

Trainers do a lot more than simply guide you through the correct motions, they push past your fear and motivate you to get out the door and keep going even when it feels like every muscle is shutting down. These top ten personal trainer secrets will make you feel like Gillian Michaels herself is knocking at the door ready to help you bust through your barriers.

10. Recovery and pain relief

Recovery and pain relief

Sessions end at the gym, but pain often kicks in afterward. There’s no need to grin and bear it. Ease soreness and muscle pain with professional level therapy products designed to increase elasticity and circulation.

9. They’re the boss

They’re the boss

You’re the one signing the checks and doing the hiring, but they’re the boss. In order to get the most for your money, don’t question or give them a hard time. Give 100% to every lunge, lift and crunch. Working out alone? Get out of your way, turn off the brain and pour everything you have into your routine, pure effort.

8. They’re not wizards

They’re not wizards

Of all the personal trainer secrets, this is one that should be exposed. Even the best coaches in the world can’t help you get fit if you leave the gym and dive into a pool of fried chicken and peanut butter pie. Apply your new discipline to choose healthy recipes over junk food and quit smoking once and for all.

7. You don’t need them forever

You don’t need them forever

Since most are self employed, it’s in their interest to retain you as a client. However, once they’ve helped you build a dynamic workout, and you’re familiar with the correct way to use a gym’s machines, you’re ready to take responsibility for the workout plan.

6. Gyms are dirty

They’re paid to kick your butt

Bring your own mat for crunches and other floor work because the house mats are covered in other people’s sweat. It’s gross, but true. Yoga mats are affordable, easy to transport and free of other people’s germs!

5. They’re paid to kick your butt

They’re paid to kick your butt

Some are so concerned with being liked by their clients that they don’t push you hard enough, or at all. If you don’t feel challenged, you’re not getting what you paid for. What good are high fives if you’re not progressing?

4. Friends are welcome

Friends are welcome

They have to pay of course, but you can ask about splitting the session. Usually, the clients pay close to half or less depending on how many are in the group. This is a great way to mix things up because now you can do new drills and two-person exercises.

3. Prices are somewhat flexible

Prices are somewhat flexible

Most of us don’t think to ask for discounts on training sessions because flat prices are often presented as take it or leave it. There are plenty of ways to gain the benefits of an expert’s guidance without dipping into savings. Ask them for a package deal on, say, 5 or 10 workouts. You’ll have to pay upfront, but the cost per session will be less.

2. You stink

You stink

These personal trainer secrets may seem obvious, but too many gym goers show up without bothering to put deodorant on or wearing clean active clothes. Trainers have noses. They can smell you, especially in a gym. It’s okay to finish a workout smelling bad, but show up as you would any other public place, smelling good or better yet not smelling at all.

1. Focus on the why

Focus on the why

If you’ve ever watched The Biggest Loser, you know that getting in shape is as psychological as it is physical. Good trainers get to know you enough to figure out your specific reason for getting in shape now whether it’s to increase your energy for playing with the kids or lose weight. Write down your “why” and keep it in plain sight to stay motivated no matter what.

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