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Best of … photography buffs gifts

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 22, 2011
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One of the best of photography buffs giftsContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

Ready … aim … and shoot the perfect photo.

However, to catch the perfect moment or sunset takes more than just snapping a quick picture. Every photography buff knows there are things to consider such as lighting, angles, and depth of field to capture the perfect expression or still life photo.

When shopping for photography buffs, these five online stores offer the gear that will have any camera enthusiast smiling through their lens.

Digital SLR Camera

For every price range

One of the best of photography buffs gifts digital cameras

Cameta Camera has the camera equipment selection to make your photo shot the best it can be. Have a wedding to attend or family get together coming up? Then count on a large variety of digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras and “point and shoot” models to capture your family and friends at their very best…or maybe not so best. SLR models allow an accurate preview of framing and interchangeable lens options for the avid photographer whereas “point and shoot” models are designed for ease of use. Regardless of your camera choice, don’t forget to have everyone say “cheese” to capture those perfect, unedited photos every time.


Essential camera accessories

One of the best of photography buffs gifts

Heartland America has the camera accessories that no photographer should be without. Setting up for a still life shoot or want to be in the picture with everyone else? Then a tripod is a necessary accessory that lets you steady the camera, focus and shoot. Forget having a passerby take your family photo while visiting the Grand Canyon or picnicking at the beach when a tripod can be that extra set of hands. Heartland American also has other items to go along with your camera such as cases and vision cams!

Artistic frames

To showcase their art

One of the best of photography buffs gifts

When shopping for photography buffs, keep in mind that they often like to display their best masterpieces. At Exposures, they have just right the frame to highlight prized photographs. Take for instance this Italian Bello Oro frame collection, photos of family members and special occasions will receive the recognition they deserve in these classy frames. Exposures also has a selection of photo albums and storage boxes to store all the snapshots and keep them secure. So if you have a photography buff in your circle of friends or family, be sure they have all the frames and ample storage they need to store their treasures.

Dark room supplies

The very best equipment

One of the best of photography buffs gifts

Anyone who is a true photography buff, steps it up a notch with their own dark room. Adorama Camera has all the supplies the photographer needs to develop their work. This auto washer is an essential piece to avoid stains and remove all chemicals so photos turn out crystal clear. With a large selection of film and dark room supplies, you can keep your avid photography buff busy developing photos for hours. For the avid outdoorsman, Adorama Camera also has a great selection of underwater cameras to capture colorful sealife and sunken treasures!

Camera bags

Tote their gear in style

Camera bags will have the photography buff showing up in style for their next photo shoot whether it be for a wedding party, a spectacular view on a mountain top or a still life shoot. Their bags are ergonomic and water repellant so the photographer travels out in comfort and keeps his gear dry. These rugged bags keep the camera safe with all its accompanying accessories. Keep gear all in one place, cushioned, and handy for when the next photo opportunity comes along.

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