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Places to Follow Fashion Trends

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 31, 2014
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fashion trendsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Keeping up with the season’s hottest colors and designs is a full time effort if you don’t know where to look.

Even the most faithful fashionistas rely on websites, apps and other resources to stay abreast of the latest trends.

These top places to find fashion trends will motivate you to take new styles and outfit ideas for a spin.

10. Shops that inspire

Shops that inspire

Perhaps the most obvious resources are the stores you already love. You know, the ones that offer modern, casual styles designed specifically to suit for your life. In addition to staying one step ahead of seasonal trends, many of these shops have lively social media accounts that show fashion in action.

9. Style stores online and blogs

Style blogs

Style bloggers are finally starting to get the attention they deserve for providing a steady stream of ideas and tips to the masses. And when you find something you like, they’ll link you directly to the item so you don’t have to hunt for it. Whereas some of the glossiest magazines cover designers out of many people’s price range, many bloggers focus on affordable clothes at great stores to help shoppers on a budget.

8. Yesteryear


Never let it be said the trend mill doesn’t recycle. Every generation of designers cherry picks the boldest, quirkiest and coolest fashions from the last decade or two. Therefore your old yearbook or photo albums may contain clues for next season’s hottest looks.

7. Pinterest


Pinterest is a fun way to find, save and share fashion inspiration from bold to modest wear. Images often link to stores where you can buy the items you like. Start your own board and you’ll see right away what all the fuss is about.

6. Lists for the Fashion-Forward

cufflinks at Moon and Lola

Many of the celebs we love also love putting together lists of their own favorite things, from food and vacation spots to spot-on-fashion. Look for pointers from these in-the-know types to keep your style on the cutting edge of fashion trends. For example, everyone’s favorite media mogul, Oprah, prepares an annual list of what’s hot, and you’ll find great accessory ideas like Oprah’s Favorite Things. This year, next year, last year … these are items that will always at the top for what’s hot. Plus shopping is much more fun when your choices are endorsed by a trend-setter.

5. Storefronts


Storefronts are easily one of the most overlooked places to find clever outfits. Not only do they display new collections, they also contextualize trends. The people who curate and put these windows together are professionals who are basically providing free advice on how to style the latest accessories. Next time you’re out for a stroll, stop and remember what looks good to you.

4. Movies


Taking in a film on the silver screen is a treat that can do a lot more than entertain you in the moment. Next time you see a dreamy, exciting film take a little style inspiration from it. Recent examples of lush wardrobe choices include the ultra feminine lace dresses Daisy wore in Gatsby and 1970s glamour dresses in American Hustle.

3. Out the window

Out the window

Many of the top designers use street wear as their muse. Look out the window … or in the window of trendy coffee shop … and you’ll see style mavens sporting tomorrow’s next big thing.

2. End-of-Season sales

End-of-Season sales

The best and most affordable places to find fashion trends are the huge end-of-season sales that come around every few months. Yes, you can also do your future self a huge favor and pick up a new winter coat or bathing suit for next year. The things to really look are transitional pieces that’ll look great with a shrug on cooler days or cropped, printed pants to add more color to spring before the flowers begin to bloom.

1. Instagram


Instagram is the latest platform for the visually inclined and style lovers certainly fall under that category! Follow designers, models and brands like Burberry (pictured above) and you’re sure to hear about new trends as they arise.

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