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Best of … preppy monogrammed gifts

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 12, 2011
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One of the best of preppy monogrammed giftsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

It’s a dilemma, no doubt about it.

What to get the preppy man or woman in your life.

Yes, they’re out there, turned up collars and all, and now it’s time for a gift. Designer this, pink and purple that; these are all good ideas. But to really hit one out of the park, no self-respecting preppy would be caught dead without something monogrammed.

So, with the premise firmly in place, here are the best of preppy monogrammed gifts.

Money clip

Always at hand

One of the best of preppy monogrammed gifts

When I think preppy, I think of those wondrous souls heck-bent on all things materialistic. With that said, it’s very un-preppy like to dig into a wallet or pull out a wad of bills to pay for the overpriced meal you’ve just shared with a like-minded guest. What to do? Get ‘em a gift he’ll remember each time he buys something new (which will be A LOT). Find a gift or jewelry store that has a wide selection of top-drawer items, including this monogrammed money clip.

Cocktail glasses

Top shelf barware

One of the best of preppy monogrammed gifts

Preppy types love to host parties, large and small. When showing off their hosting skills, any old glass set simply won’t do. It’s important to continually remind guests who they have to thank for the fine dining and top shelf liquors they’re enjoying. If you know just such a person, your search for preppy monogrammed gifts has ended. In addition to customized items of all sorts, including soaps (preppy folk like to stink good too), these personalized cocktail glasses will hit the mark.

Crystal vase

For the weekly floral arrangement

One of the best of preppy monogrammed gifts

Contrary to popular belief, preppy folk do like flowers. What they don’t like is the part about getting dirty to actually cut and arrange their own flowers. They can stop by the florist on the way home from their preppy jobs on their own, and they’ll be much more likely do so knowing after you’ve surprised them with a preppy monogrammed gift. Don’t tell them you got this hand blown vase for only a couple twenties either, let them think you went overboard. After all, they’re worth it; just ask ‘em.

Bed linens

Luxury and thread count

One of the best of preppy monogrammed gifts

Being a full-fledged, card-carrying preppy requires an all-out effort, as the items on our list indicate. This also includes getting some quality sleep time, on only quality sleeping materials of course. Preppy monogrammed gifts for the bedroom are always appreciated, and The Company Store will provide the monogramming for you.

Wedding stores

Don’t forget the new initials

One of the best of preppy monogrammed gifts

While the courtship is uniquely their own, preppy folk do find each other, fall in love and get married, in a preppy-type fashion of course. For all things bridal, check out wedding stores online. They have a host of preppy monogrammed gifts, from all the mainstays you’d expect, to flip flops and the all-important monogrammed cosmetics travel bag. Luckily these are inexpensive, because now that they’re married, she may need one too.

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