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Best of … products to update a bathroom

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 22, 2011
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One of the best of products to update a bathroomContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

The bathroom may very well be the most overlooked room in the house when it comes to updating your home.

After all, today’s homeowner now looks at the bathroom as the place to go for relaxation after a long day. From modernizing the plumbing to installing an artisan sink, the bathroom is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

So if you just want to bring a new look to the bath or are renovating an older bath to be more efficient, these five online stores will give you plenty of ideas and options. It’s time to update the bathroom to complement the rest of your home!

Specialty Toilet

Toilets for every situation

composting toilets

There are situations where traditional bathroom plumbing is a challenge: cottages, camping lodges, mountain homes, and boats. You will find good looking, contemporary styled composting toilets that fit your specific needs.

Efficient plumbing

Ban outdated faucets

One of the best of products to update a bathroom

You can update your bathroom in no time at all. Look for an assortment of plumbing supplies to stop annoying leaks, towel warmers for chilly mornings and designer sinks to bring a modern touch to the bath. For faucets, you can choose from nostalgic fixtures to name brand luxury models. Browse the plumbing updates to spark your imagination for renovation ideas with their wide variety of bathroom accessories.

Statement sinks

A design focal point

One of the best of products to update a bathroom

Specialty fixture stores have the beautiful artisan sink you have been looking for to accent the bath. Whether you choose white onyx or stainless steel, your sink will get instant recognition it deserves for quality and good looks. Many of the sinks are hand-crafted by a variety of artists so you get a one-of-a-kind look and feel when updating the bath. Choose the sink that complements your décor or better yet … design your décor around your new artisan sink.


Resource conserving flush

One of the best of products to update a bathroom

If you want to update the bathroom and use eco-friendly products and fixtures, then eco-conscious is the choice to make. Toilets can be one of the largest water consuming fixtures in your home for the solution to conserving water. Consider the dual flush valve. You can save thousands of gallons of water just by installing it in your existing toilet. Using eco-savvy fixtures saves on your water bill, conserves water, and modernizes the bath to be more earth-friendly by not wasting resources.

Plush towels

Wrap yourself in luxury

One of the best of products to update a bathroom

Modernize the bath with an economical, quick fix of new towels from The Company Store. If your towels are starting to feel a little scratchy and rough against your skin, it’s time to replace and update them. The Company Store even has eco-friendly towels – a bamboo/cotton blend that is quickly becoming the new favorite in a “green” lifestyle. Of course, to accompany your new towels, you will also want to look at the new floor rug designs and shower curtains The Company Store has to go along with those soft, new towels.

Trendy lighting

Choose flattering light

One of the best of products to update a bathroom

Last, but certainly not least, lighting can update a bathroom in a hurry. Place a few sconces beside the mirror, or install one of their decorative three-globe fixtures over the vanity for brighter, modernized lighting. Also, don’t be afraid to add in a dimmer switch to control the amount of lighting or “ambience” you want to create in the bath. After a hard day at the office with glaring overhead lights, a relaxed soak in the tub with softer lighting is just the cure you need.


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