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Quick Bathroom Updates

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 31, 2014
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quick bathroom updatesContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

While they’re the smallest rooms in the house, bathrooms require a lot of attention and need plenty of decoration and style to hide what really goes on there.

Remodeling a bathroom can be expensive and time-consuming and is often intimidating to do-it-yourselfers. These quick bathroom updates are easy and economical and will brighten the room your spend so much quality time in.

10. Put Up A Touch of Tile

 Put Up A Touch of Tile

Brighten the area above a sink or vanity by installing a small area or border of multicolored mini tiles. A colorful mosaic pattern will liven up the entire bathroom while making this splash area easy to keep clean.

9. Add Some Freestanding Storage

dd Some Freestanding Storage

Those narrow nooks and crannies in bathrooms can be put to good use and made decorative too with a freestanding storage stand. Use it for extra towels and other bathroom accessories or brighten the room with decorative soaps and other accessories. Keep things looking nice by keeping the shelves clean and organized.

8. Throw A Rug

 Throw A Rug

A plain floor will come alive with a colorful throw rug in front of the tub, vanity or commode. Go with rugs that are easy to clean and have non-slip backings to avoid accidents, but don’t be stuck in the “bathmat” department! For longer areas or floors that have flaws you want to hide, consider a bright runner.

7. Frame Your Mirror

 Frame Your Mirror

Those old, flat bathroom mirrors reflect your entire bathroom old and flat. Pizzazz it up with a border using a frame or molding. A border that matches the vanity will look classy while one with bright colors or flowers will freshen up the room.

6. Skirt The Sink

Skirt The Sink

While a vanity provides both style and function, it requires some work to install. An easy alternative is a sink skirt. These will hide the ugly undersink area while adding color to the bathroom. They’re easy to hang around the base of the sink and are inexpensive enough that you can change them with the seasons.

5. Fix The Light Fixtures

 Fix The Light Fixtures

See your bathroom in a new light with new lighting fixtures. Bathroom fixtures are usually easy to replace with a screwdriver or pliers – make sure your turn off the power to the fixture first. If the fixtures are in the open, go with ones that look good even when the light is turned off. Don’t forget to update the switch plates and wall plates too.

4. Get New Towel Racks

heated towel rack

If your towel rack is hanging on its last screws, replace it with a fancy new heated one for a luxurious update. They’re easy to replace but make sure it covers the old holes and is attached securely to the studs or with molly bolts. A fresh coat of paint behind the new towel rack will make your old towels look new too. Look for a matching toilet paper roller and replace that at the same time.

3. Update The Accessories

Update The Accessories

Throw out those old, mismatched soap dishes, toothbrush caddies, tissue boxes and other bathroom accessories and replace them with modern, matching ones. Add a flower vase, potpourri holder or other decorations at the same time. Once you’re done, make sure you keep the accessories clean of dried soap, toothpaste and other bathroom grime.

2. Replace Cabinet Hardware

Replace Cabinet Hardware

Make your bathroom cabinets sparkle easily by replacing the old handles, knobs, hinges and other pieces with bright shiny new hardware. Give the cabinets a good scrubbing after removing the old hardware and go with contrasting colors so the new pieces stand out and get noticed.

1. It’s Curtains For The Curtain

It’s Curtains For The Curtain

If your bathtub has a shower curtain, replace the old one and splurge on a new one that’s decorative as well as functional. Look for one that looks good even when partially closed and go for a backing that’s easy to clean. While you’re at it, replace the old shower rings with new ones that will complement the new curtain.

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