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Realtor Gift Ideas for Clients

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 16, 2015
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by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Realtors are generous people by nature.

They dedicate their professional lives to helping people find their dream homes. Connecting people to a place they want to build a life in is a journey and when it’s over agents like to end things on a memorable note.

Check out these realtor gift ideas for clients. They range from practical and fun, to totally unique and won’t strain your budget.

10. Gourmet treats

cookies and brownies from Geoff and Drew's

There’s no better way to end things on a sweet note than with a celebratory box of gourmet cookies and brownies. A sugar high is just what people need to up the energy for moving day. If they have kids, this is a housewarming gift they’ll appreciate, too. Go for a variety box so there’s a little something for everyone from nostalgic chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies, to decadent fudgy brownies.

9. Welcome mats

Welcome mats

Nothing says “Welcome to your new home” like a mat that says … Welcome. Doormats are both decorative and functional, which makes them a perfect housewarming gift idea. Choose a classic look or have it customized with the client’s last name and a design to suit their lifestyle like flip flops for a beach house.

8. Plant


Plants are among the most popular realtor gift ideas for clients for good reason. They add beauty, energy and life to a room. A bonsai tree symbolizes good luck and prosperity and is relatively low maintenance.

7. A cozy cuppa

A cozy cuppa

As your clients will no doubt soon see for themselves, it’s the simple things that can make you happiest. The best realtor gift ideas for clients embrace this idea. Help them toast their new digs with a drink set. Mugs with everything they need to brew a perfect cup of tea or comforting pot of coffee will bring smiles to that first chilly morning. Cheers.

6. Cleaning service

Cleaning service

Cleaning on top of moving is a pain. It must be done, but there’s no rule saying who has to do it. Treat your clients to a fresh start and shiny new surfaces by having a cleaning service come in before their big move.

5. Custom art

Custom art

Whether they’ve just bought their forever dream home or their love-it-for-now starter home, it’s safe to say you know what your people like. Surprise them with a painting, professional photograph or sketch of the house they’re moving in to and have the date included.

4. For the kids

For the kids

Moving can be a confusing thing for children. Include them in the experience with a welcome kit for the kiddies. Arts and crafts supplies, coloring books, a toy or an activity will be a fun surprise.

3. Happy gardening

Happy gardening

Many new owners move in with a long list of home improvement and gardening plans. A gift of bulbs with planting directions, a hand shovel and gloves will help them find their green thumb.

2. Game on

Game on

You know what brings a family together besides a new home? Game nights. This is family fun at its most revealing – one of the kids is bound to be a sneaky cheater while someone else will be way too competitive. When else in life can fights be resolved with candy a do-overs? Give them a classic game like chess or Uno, some packets of popcorn and candy then skedaddle before the madness begins.

1. Spa basket

boxes and moving

The search for a new home is finally over and so is the mental stress that goes along with it. Now they just have to get through the hard work of actually moving. Lugging boxes goes beyond a realtor’s duties, but you can ease the transition with a luxurious spa basket, a.k.a. the light at the end of the sweaty tunnel. Include spa bath and body products to leave them rejuvenated.

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