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Rustic Country Home Decorations

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 21, 2015
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country homeby Info Guru Oliver Vandervoort

While there are certainly some people who are always looking to give their home a futuristic or modern feel, there are plenty of others who like to go back to a simpler time.

There are ways in which people can decorate their homes with rustic country accessories that will hearken back to those times. There are some particular decorations that will make it that much easier to pull off. Luckily for you, we’ve decided to bring you the top 10 rustic country home decorations. Using these you will be able to have your house looking something out of the a catalogue that will make you happy and wholesome whenever you come home.

10. Tin Light Shade

tin light shade

If you purchase a tin shade light for your home you will have started from the ceiling down when it comes to getting that rustic look.

9. Rocking Chairs

Rocking Chairs

There are all kinds of different rocking chairs you can get in order to make your house take on that more rustic look. There are even brand new chairs that will look as though they have been in your family for generations.

8. Upholstery


Some people overlook upholstery when it comes to trying to give your house a more rustic look. You can simply go with some really nice, rustic style upholstery on a couch or chair and get a great country appearance.

7. Large Mason Jars

Large Mason Jars

Mason Jars certainly serve a purpose when it comes to canning, but if you get yourself some rather large ones, you can also use them as decoration by arranging them as a collection on bookshelves and tabletops – empty or filled with small collectibles like marbles, seashells and colorful yarns – that will give your house a really great rustic feel.

6. Country Pitcher

Country Pitcher

These country pitchers can either be used as something that is totally functional, or you can just have them strategically placed around the house as decoration. Use them for both and you’ll have the house looking and acting like a rustic country home in no time.

5. Country Signs

Country Signs

Putting some country signs on your front or back porch will help you make your house look like you’re living out in the country, even if you are smack dab in the middle of the city. There are all kinds of different signs you can find that will help you send whatever message you want.

4. Coverlets

rambling rose quilt

People don’t often think of something as simple as the coverlet you use on your beds to help make your house take on the country rustic feel. If you are a quilter, choose a classic country pattern and make your own quilted coverlets. The fact of the matter is that something as simple as this, combined with other decorations on the list will absolutely sell the decorating theme you are going for.

3. Curtains


If you want to look as though your house is a rustic country home from the outside in, then you really can’t go wrong if you go with something like some nice country curtains. Hang these in the kitchen, living room and wherever else you have some nice windows and you’ll feel plenty country in no time.

2. Tablecloths


Tablecloths are another simple piece of decoration that goes a long way, especially when teamed with other decorations such as the coverlets, signs and curtains. All of these decorations going into one house are certainly going to be selling the rustic look.

1. Countrified Candles


When you use candles as part of your country decor, you get much the same effect as when you use Mason Jars or country pitchers. These candles have jars, bottles or candle holders that give off a very country feel for every room they are in. The nice thing is that these are also able to give off a nice scent when you light them up.


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