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Salary Negotiation Tips

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 9, 2013
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salary negotiationContributed by Info Guru Lisa Pratto

From a young age, we are trained to be polite.

We do not argue, haggle or barter. It just doesn’t seem right. And, yet, we are expected to step out of this comfort zone, away from everything we know, and negotiate when someone is nice enough to offer us a job. It can be difficult, but these salary negotiation tips should help ease the discomfort.

10. Research


One of the first salary negotiation tips is to know what the average pay is in your field. Research online, ask in forums and check databases. Use the tools available to you. Do not go into a negotiation blind.

9. Know Your Market

Know Your Market

Likewise, if you plan on moving from a small, rural market to, say, New York City – the Big Apple, you should be aware of the average salary there, which will be substantially higher.

8. Plan the Cost of Living

Plan the Cost of Living

Check on average rents and utilities if you are planning to move out of state. There is no sense in negotiating, let alone accepting, a job that does not pay enough to cover the basics. Know your bottom line.

7. Be Confident

Be Confident

The important thing to remember is that they called you. They want you! It’s takes a long time in a tough job market to get the infamous telephone call, but, when you do, be confident enough in your skills and abilities to ask for more money.

6. Practice


If these salary negotiation tips seem too out-of-the-box for you, practice. Then, practice some more. Head into the bathroom and watch yourself in the mirror if you have to. Just like you practiced those interview questions, practice negotiating.

5. Aim High

Aim High

Any HR person worth their salt is not going to start with their best offer. In fact, they may be way under their top number. When you negotiate, make sure you aim higher than what you really want.

4. Other Monies

Other Monies

Salary is not always just the cash. If you can’t get the number you want, look to other forms of compensation. Relocation expenses, signing bonuses, vacation days and even a fancy office chair (maybe not) can be negotiated as well.

3. Counter Again

Be Polite

While you do not want to go back and forth with them for weeks, plan on doing so twice. Get them up on the price and then tell them you need to think about it. It’s all part of the game. They will not change their mind.

2. Be Polite

Be Polite

There are tons of stories floating around the net about candidates being rude during this process and uttering horrible things like, “That’s it?” Don’t do that. It’s not polite and they may just rescind their offer.

1. Ask


The most important item on this list of salary negotiation tips is to ASK. Do not chicken out. When they throw out that first number say, “Is that negotiable?” You can do it.

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