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Sewing Projects for Babies

Written by: Editorial Staff

October 31, 2013
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sewing projectsContributed by Info Guru Angela Bushong

For sewers, “baby on the way” is the call to action.

Whether it’s the little size that makes projects manageable, the excitement of a new baby or the sheer cuteness of baby items, this is the perfect reason to grab your fabric shears and get a sewing project started.

10. Handmade Baby Toys

Handmade Baby Toys

Okay, you gotta’ admit, this is pretty cool. With a few simple patterns, you can hand-make your own blocks, balls, and donut stacking toys in any color combination your heart desires. Such a beautiful and personal gift, you can make them to match baby’s nursery theme or mommy’s favorite colors.

9. 4-in-1 Sun Hat

4-in-1 Sun Hat

Every baby needs a sun hat to keep those harsh rays off that delicate face! And this pattern is reversible and morph-able so as to create four distinct designs out of one simple little hat. Wow your friends and family with your sewing prowess. They never need to know how easy it really was.

8. 3 Button Boots

3 Button Boots

Boots are a great idea for those winter babies trying to keep their little feet warm in their first snow. This pattern can work for a boy or girl, depending on the fabric combinations you choose, and uses Velcro, so getting them on and off is a breeze.

7. Lil Long Johns

Lil Long Johns

Long Johns are one of those essential pieces of an infant’s wardrobe you can never do without. They’re one piece, so the little wiggle worm can’t wiggle her way out of it, and it has snaps on the rear for easy diaper changes.

6. Handmade Activity Book

Handmade Activity Book

This sewing project is pure genius. Baby needs something to do on car trips and excursions to childless friends’ houses, and this handmade activity book fits the bill perfectly. This makes a great gift for an expecting friend, and a fun keepsake, since you can make it as personal as you wish.

5. Reversible Jacket

Reversible Jacket

When it’s cold outside, little ones need to keep warm, but little ones are also messy. The beauty of a reversible jacket is that, if something gets spilled on one side when you’re away from home, just clean it up as best you can and flip it inside out. Voila! New jacket. Which makes this quite possibly one of the most practical baby gifts you could ever give.

4. Aviator Cap

Aviator Cap

We’ve covered up our little darling’s feet and torso, but what about his sweet head? An aviator cap is perfect for keeping a warm noggin when the North winds blow. Flaps come down to cover tender ears and there’s even a tie to go under the chin to keep Junior’s (or Juniorette’s) cap securely in place. And, can you say adorable?

3. Sweet Swaddler

Sweet Swaddler

Swaddling helps keep tiny princes and princesses feeling safe and secure. Make a few swaddlers of your own with this quick and easy pattern, great for beginning sewers and old hands who just need something practical to keep their little ‘uns snug as a bug.

2. Reversible Crib Shoes

reversible crib shoes

Here is another simple pattern for those who might be just learning the ropes. Reversible crib shoes are a great way to get two pairs for one, and keep your tot’s tootsies warm at night. Elastic keeps these soft shoes from being kicked off by busy feet, while the fabric can be as warm or light and breathable as your crafty heart desires.

1. One Size Cloth Diaper

One Size Cloth Diaper

Quite possibly the ultimate diaper pattern, the one size cloth diaper allows you to make all the diapers you’ll ever need at once, since each one will be able to grow with your baby. Also great for families with more than one rug rat in diapers, these make a wonderful economical and eco-friendly gift for new parents.

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