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Best of … shopping for XL sizes

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 27, 2011
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On the list of best of shopping for XL sizesContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Whether you’re a XL size yourself, or maybe looking for some duds for that special guy, finding clothes that fit well is only half the battle.

The other half is finding clothes that look good, regardless of size.

It’s for this reason we’ve compiled the best of shopping for XL sizes.

Davis’ Big and Tall

Outstanding selection

On the list of best of shopping for XL sizes

For the active XL size gentleman being comfortable; at work or play, and still looking damn good doing it can be a challenge. Davis’ Big and Tall will get you set up for hunting, dropping by the office or just hanging out on a weekend watching some ball; in style. Add to that their outstanding selection, prices and specials, and Davis’ Big and Tall earns a prominent spot on our Best of list of shopping sites.

Plus Size Catalogs

Big guy clothing and shoes

On the list of best of shopping for XL sizes

Big, small, man, woman; we can all appreciate the value and feel of a good fitting shoe. We’ve also experienced the less than ideal fit and the agony that can bring on, even to the biggest and baddest of men. Just because you can’t walk into the local shoe store and buy some dress or casual shoes off the rack doesn’t mean you need to hobble through the day. A specialty store does one thing; they sell men’s shoes in XL sizes. And not just any shoes, they offer a full array of designer and popular brands too.


Living large

On the list of best of shopping for XL sizes

Everyone gets a few aches and pains now and again, particularly as we get older. As an XL size guy, these will often take the form of back pain; ugh. In addition to providing much needed support, this Therapeutic Back Support Wrap from BrylaneHome needs nothing more than a quick zap in the microwave to soothe those aching muscles. If it’s ice treatment you need, throw it in the freezer for a few minutes and voila, instant relief. This, and more products and furniture just to make plus size living comfortable, make BrylaneHome a key stop on the XL shopping venture.

Catalogs and Stores Online

Casual style

On the list of best of shopping for XL sizes

Rounding out our Best of Shopping for XL Size men are the variety of stores and catalogs you can find online. Specializing in casual clothes and accessories, many stores have a huge selection of shorts and tees for the big guy in your life. One area of catalogs that’s a must see is the huge selection of designer and work jeans available. If you think finding good-fitting, comfortable jeans is about as likely as someone with actual talent turning up on a TV reality show, peruse what online plus size stores have to offer. They have all the brands men want, in the XL sizes they need.

Suggested Catalogs for XL Guys


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