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Simple Quilting Projects for Beginners

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 27, 2014
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simple quilting by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Traditional crafts rarely attract makers who are in a hurry.

Quilting is a relaxing activity often enjoyed over many weeks as seasons change and new friends pull up a chair to chat. But sometimes crafters are on a deadline, or we want faster, cheaper projects to keep us entertained.

Well here you go. You can finish any of these easy quilting projects in a flash.

10. Quilt Kit

quilt kit

A quilt kit like the beautiful and simple Mystic Garden is perfect for a beginner. It’s a quick project that you can complete quickly so you get quick results!

9. Kids’ striped graphic quilt

Kids’ striped graphic quilt

Rather than spending hours assembling, binding and stitching squares of material, switch things up a bit with this fun design featured on It entails using a small, vibrant print to frame a few large stripes of graphic images.

8. DIY changing pad

DIY changing pad

Are you or a dear friend expecting a new family member soon? Give in to the nesting urge and quilt a wipeable, washable changing pad to make life a little easier in the next few months. Add a pocket for diapers and a tighter pocket for a small packet of wipes.

7. French press cozy

 French press cozy

Warning: Of all these easy quilting projects, this one’s dangerously adorable. Your crafty fingers will itch to get started as soon as you look at this cozy for a French press on PatchworkPottery! It could also work for kettles if you prefer tea. The patchwork image of mugs with quilted steam rising off is gorgeous.

6. Oversized letters

Oversized letters

There are many ways to add a bit of whimsical country style to a child’s room. One of the craftiest methods is to quilt giant letters to spell the kid’s name. The main detail to keep in mind is size. Make sure the letters are the same height and width, unless variation is all part of the vision.

5. Bedside storage

Bedside storage

This is perfect for little ones who love bringing a stack of books and toys to bed with them. The back needs to be at least three times longer than the pockets so it tucks far enough under the mattress to stay secure. Make the pockets different sizes, one to hold a favorite stuffed animal, another for bedtime books and a reading flashlight. Use different fabric for each pocket so it adds function and decoration to the room.

4. Mug rug

Mug rug

Never heard of a mug rug before? Don’t let that stop you from making these super easy quilting projects. Start by making a series of 3” hexagons with a variety of colorful material and attach Velcro to the back of each. Next create a rectangular backing with Velcro on the top to hold the hexagons in place. Simply detach them as needed for coasters and return when finished.

3. Table runner

Table runner

These are a blast to make because you can play with as many designs and patterns as you want, or keep them quick and basic and still produce stunning results. Use scraps of fabric and this craft is about as inexpensive to make as it gets. Browse through table runner patterns for inspiration or approach the patchwork project like a jigsaw puzzle.

2. Sit-upons


Remember sewing sit-upons in girl scouts? We used a thick needle and yarn to sew a plastic covering, decorated felt and a stuffing of old newspapers to create a semi-cushioned seat for outside gatherings. Now this old craft gets a makeover by utilizing quilter’s techniques, vinyl tablecloth and cushier filling.

1. Layer cake quilt

Layer cake quilt

You didn’t think this list was going to give bed quilts the cold shoulder? While a number of styles take time and patience, the layer cake design is super easy to construct. This tutorial at ModaBakeShop will walk you through the process in gorgeous detail.

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