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Best of … sitting at a desk

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 25, 2012
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Contributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Whether at home or the office, getting comfortable at your desk makes all the difference in your productivity and your health.

The right chair, computer set-up, lighting and other elements not only make your office more comfortable, they make quality work possible. And that’s true, whether you’re working on a critical legal brief or just updating your Facebook page!

So, where are these productive, comfort-inducing things to be found? Right here in our best stuff sitting at desks list naturally.

Natural Spectrum

Because it all starts with the light

Have you ever tried to get work done in a dimly lit room? It’s hard, isn’t it? After a short time, your eyes start to burn, and you find yourself struggling to concentrate.

But with the right light… a clear, full-spectrum light, everything is easier. Your mood improves. Your productivity goes up. That’s the reason full spectrum lights are step one in sitting indoors at a desk and still feeling good while you work. They bring the healing light of the sun indoors.

All-Lift Chairs

A little help

One the list of best of sitting in chairs

If you’re having a hard time getting around, sitting at desks can literally be a pain. Whether you’re recovering from an accident or just aren’t moving like you used to, the thought of sidling over to get some work done can be daunting. All-Lift-Chairs is here to take the chore out of getting in and out of your seat. The push of a button is all it takes to get you upright; and go ahead and select the heat and massage option, you’ve earned it.


The right computer for your time at work

It may seem like a given that most of us need a computer to work at our desks, so why is it on this list? It’s simple. Most of us are using the wrong computer. Or the wrong computer accessories and peripherals.

Maybe your computer is old, and needs to be constantly restarted…or at least, un-frozen. That means you’re wasting precious time sitting at your desk but not getting work done. Or perhaps your keyboard is the wrong size for your fingers. Or your printer doesn’t do everything you need, so you have to send out print jobs or use a separate FAX machine across the room. Whatever the issue is, checking out affordable computers might be just what you need to get the most out of every hour you spend working.

Specialty Sound

Great sound, no cords!

Any work you have to do at a desk is made a little bit better with some tunes. But those wires get in the way when you try to reach for something, turn around, or pick up something off the floor. And how many of us have started to get up, only to be yanked unceremoniously back into our chair by our headphone wires.

That’s why this wireless Bose headset is the perfect solution. The noise cancelling functions blocks out everyone else’s ringing phones and chatter, while the built in microphone lets you respond to your own calls in comfort. Motion-sensitive volume controls let you turn the music up or down without fumbling for a tiny dial.

For Comfort

Shiatsu Massage at work? Oh, yeah!

Who doesn’t love a massage? So why not bring the wonderful feeling of a back massage to work with you?

This amazing Shiatzu Massage Cushion instantly transforms any full size office chair into your personal massage center. You’ll enjoying soothing warmth, plus four groups of massage rollers gently kneading your muscles, all while you work. Did you ever imagine that sitting at a desk could feel so good?

Heartland America

Massage and de-stress

One the list of best of sitting in chairs

You knew it had to happen. We couldn’t have a Best of list of chairs for sitting at desks without at least one that serves the dual purpose of comfort and a massage. This just looks comfortable, even without the 5-way motorized back and leg vibrating massage functions. I’m not sure how Heartland America does it; these things are usually pretty expensive (though worth it). Somehow this cushy desk chair is only $170, which is about two hours with Sven, the killer masseuse that hasn’t quite perfected the difference between a relaxing massage and torture.

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