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Specialty Pet Products

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 13, 2012
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specialty pet productsContributed by Info Guru Jennifer Andrews

It has been said that a dog is man’s best friend; however this belief may be extended to pets in general, especially for animal lovers.

Pets are loved and owned by millions worldwide and may inhabit your own household or someone’s you know. The increasing number of people who have pets has led to a subsequent increase in the number of specialty products and items being made and sold specifically for pets and their owners. It’s not uncommon for most pet owners to treat their pets similar to children by showing them unconditional love and utmost caring.

In these cases, owners often seek out the best products available to suit their furry buddy’s health and happiness. Check out the following top ten list of specialty pet products below to see if your own little sidekick is missing out.

10. Tags

designer dog tags

Tags are among the top specialty pet products deemed essential by most pet owners. A dog tag is a custom printed or engraved identification tag that is worn by the animal and bears the owner’s name and contact information. Thus, if a dog gets lost or loose from home, potential finders can return him to his or her owner. These are always practical, but don’t have to be boring, and choices include a variety of designer tags.

9. Folding water and food bowls


Folding pet water bowls can save you time and worry over where your dog can have a drink when out for the day or long walks. These bowls conveniently fold up to fit in your pocket so that you can take out when needed to fill with water from the tap or the fancy import you purchase at your favorite restaurant. No more sharing community bowls with other dogs, or drinking from a dirty fountain at the park.

8. Dental chews


Chewie treats are loved by most pets as they are a tasty, yummy treat for them to munch on. But you don’t have to stop with treats your dog just likes…you can reward them with chewie treats that also help keep your dog’s teeth clean and breath fresh.

7. Food

pet food

Health foods are not made solely for the human body anymore as evidenced by the increasing number of specialty pet foods. Items include foods formulated with increased protein, fiber, and assistance with weight loss as well as organic and gourmet lines. Many people find that grain-free foods work best to keep dogs healthy.

6. Shampoo


Salon-quality shampoos are not just for humans anymore; rather, many pet specialty stores also sell specific shampoos and conditioners tailored to meet your pet’s skin and coat needs. Shampoos are identified for the animal such as a cat or dog and include deep cleaning, de-shedding and moisturizing formulas. Finding the right dog shampoo can make a difference in your pet’s health too, by addressing things like itchy skin, irritation, and of course, fleas and ticks.

5. Portable crate

Portable crate

Crates help keep your dog, cat or other friendly critter safe and secure while at home while you are out running errands for a few hours. However, they are also handy to keep your pet encased if you are visiting friends, on a trip or simply taking a car ride.

4. Pet bed

fleece dog beds

A bed for your pet can not only provide comfort and a good night’s rest, but it may also help pets that are injured or have arthritis. Dog beds with fleece or faux fur or memory foam mattresses relieve painful pressure points.

3. Gym pass

 Gym pass

Staying in shape and keeping a trim figure isn’t meant just for humans anymore. In fact, many pets nowadays have weight issues due to lack of activity and increased food intakes. If you have a lot of money to spend, you may be interested to learn about the Jogadog treadmill that can cost anywhere between one to three thousand dollars!

2. Pet camera

Keep tabs on your pet with a pet camera that sees what your pet sees. The lightweight camera attaches to a pet collar and snaps photos at time intervals of your discretion. Use for fun, playful pictures or if you want to spy on Fido for the day while you are at work.

1. Pesticide and additive free

pesticide free

The latest buzz words in the health and food industry include organic, hormone-free, antibiotic-free and pesticide-free. Keeping you and your pet cat safe from harmful chemicals can also be established with organic and pesticide-free catnip.

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