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Sports Gifts for a Boyfriend

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 22, 2014
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sports gifts for boyfriendsby Info Guru Emily Starbuck Crone

If you need to buy a sports gift for a boyfriend, you’re in luck—there are endless options for every major sport.

Whether you have a few dollars to spare or several hundred dollars to spend, you will hit a home run with this shopping list of the top sports fan gifts for any occasion.

10. Coasters


Sports and beer go hand in hand. If you need a small gift, a set of coasters will do the trick. They are available with nearly every sports team logo, both college and professional. Coasters may sound like a simple gift, but you have many to choose from. These are basic ones made out of cork or cardboard, but there are also nicer ones made from ceramic or steel. Choose one that suits his style and has his favorite sports emblem.

9. Balls


Does he love playing golf? Buy a pack of golf balls. Does he love playing basketball, soccer, or football in the back yard? Purchase a brand new ball for him. If your gift recipient is an avid tennis player, buy him a tube of balls. Sports fanatics always have a use for them!

8. Books


If you walk into any bookstore or search online, you will find thousands of sports books. These include biographies and autobiographies of sports legends, histories of specific sports, almanacs, and more. Buy a sports fan a book that will allow him to dive in and learn more about his favorite sport or athlete.

7. Cooler


You can never go wrong by buying a cooler with his favorite sports team’s logo on it. Whether he goes tailgating at football games or host barbecues in the backyard, coolers are very useful gifts and will be much appreciated, especially when it is adorned with a logo he loves.

6. Sports Shoes

athletic shoes at Harrys

Give your recipient the opportunity to get on the court or field and play his own games, emulate their idols’ moves, and participate in their favorite sport. There are athletic shoes for every sport, in every style and color, you can imagine.

5. Hats and apparel

Hats and apparel

Purchase a baseball cap or T-shirt for his favorite team. You can find everything from casual T-shirts to slick golf shirts, depending on his style. Top it off with a baseball hat, which never goes out of style as a gift for a man.

4. Jerseys


The most devoted fans want more than a T-shirt or a hat—they want a jersey that represents their favorite athlete. Some guys want the jerseys to wear to games, while others may actually want to wear it on a day-to-day basis. If you splurge for an autographed jersey, you know it’s going on the wall.

3. Baseball cards

Baseball cards

One of the most classic sports gifts of all times is baseball cards. Buy your boyfriend a baseball card he has coveted his whole life. These collectibles are exciting for any sports fans to receive. You can also buy him a binder to organize his cards.

2. Autographed balls

Autographed balls

Take it up a notch and buy your sports fan an autographed baseball from one of his favorite athletes. This gift lasts a lifetime and can be proudly displayed in his home or office. Other options include an autographed photo, poster, or even a bat.

1. Tickets to a game

Tickets to a game

Of all of the top ten sports gifts, none is more exciting for a sports junkie than tickets to see his favorite team play. Whether he loves hockey, baseball, football, or another sport, purchase tickets for him to experience the real thing in person. If you go to games together, buy tickets for the two of you. If you aren’t interested in sports, buy an extra ticket so he can take a buddy along.

Use these ten sports fan gift ideas next time you need to buy a present, and you will score a touchdown with your happy recipient!

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