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Best of … sports shoes stores

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 20, 2011
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One of the best of sports shoes storesContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

Odd as it may be, there actually are people that frequent sports shoes stores because they play sports.

Sports shoes are not just for teens wearing $200 basketball shoes even though they wouldn’t know what to do with a basketball if it him ‘em in the head; it just seems that way.

But in the interest of fair play here are the best sports shoes stores, whatever your intended use may be.

Golf Warehouse Stores

Fashionable shoes for golfers

One of the best of sports shoes stores

Unlike the days of yore, golf and even the most remote sense of fashion are no longer mutually exclusive. It’s okay to look good while playing a round and that includes your shoes. Slip on golf shoes; how cool is that? Plus these waterproof, 100% leather upper Calloway’s have the latest comfort spikes. So no worries about getting booted from the course for daring to show up with antiquated shoes.

Tennis Specialty Stores

Keeping tennis feet cool

One of the best of sports shoes stores

Though golf is slowly making its way toward fashion normality, tennis seems to be taking one step forward, two steps back, particularly some of the ladies on tour. The get-ups those Williams’ sisters wear actually frighten me. Thankfully, there are sports shoes store that are bucking the trend. Not only do these Barricade’s from Adidas look good, they’re specifically designed with the tennis player in mind. Like using ClimaCool technology, a process that cools the entire foot. As any tennis player will tell you, cutting and moving on the courts on a hot summer day will make your foot feel like you’ve just walked a trail of hot coals.

Sportswear Stores

Vans for skateboaders

One of the best of sports shoes stores

No self-respecting skateboarder would be caught dead without a pair of Vans. Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure they’re a prerequisite for entry to any skateboard park in the continental U.S., including Alaska, Hawaii and most provinces in Canada. The beauty of these Vans is twofold; one, they’re Vans and two, they are affordable. Maybe even on sale. Since it’s highly unlikely a die-hard teenage skateboarder actually earns a living, Moms and Dads everywhere may now rejoice.

Sports Shoe Stores

Wide selection for the soccer field

One of the best of sports shoes stores

For a lot of kids heading back to school, and even active adults, Fall soccer season is nearly upon us. Never a fan of orange, pumice or magenta colored soccer boots; I much prefer going old-school. For those with a little more gumption, a sports shoe stores has a wide selection of multi-colored, borderline funkified cleats as well. Me? I’ll stick with the tried and true; these Diadora Maracana’s will do just fine.

Big Box Sports Stores

Cool shoes for b-ballers

One of the best of sports shoes stores

Whether you’re a rat ball hooper, play in a rec league or are already training for the upcoming school Basketball season, you gotta have a new pair of shoes. Under Armour has expanded their line up of apparel to include some top of the line B-ball shoes. Any sports shoes store that offers a Micro G Funk option has got to be on our Best of list. Aren’t ready for the Funk? A big box sports store has every size, shape and brand on planet earth to choose from.

Bike Store

Shoes for bike riders

One of the best of sports shoes stores

If all you’re doing is tooling around to the store and back, probably no need to get serious about your biking shoes. But for those of you who take it a bit more seriously you know, a good pair of shoes can make or break a ride. A bike store has some great deals, like these Lake Road Shoes priced 25% below retail. With the money you save, maybe you can get a bit more padding where it’s needed most, if you know what I mean (and I think you do).


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