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Best of … stay cool in summer

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 28, 2012
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sun beating heatContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

We can’t wait for the cold weather of winter to end so we can spend a hot summer figuring out ways to stay cool.

Cranking up the air conditioner isn’t good for the electric bill, not to mention the environment and your health. There are plenty of ways to stay cool in the summer that are easy, economical and fun. So don’t sweat the heat – check out some of my best ways to stay cool in the summer.

Pool Supply Stores

Cool in the Pool

above ground swimming pool

If you have the space in your yard, a backyard pool is the best place to stay cool in the summer. In ground, above ground or little plastic wader – whatever you can afford will help you beat the heat. Swim early in the day or in the late afternoon to avoid the sun’s hottest rays and keep sandals or flip-flops handy to protect your feet from the hot ground. During the hottest times, stay in a shady area.


Be a Fan of Ceiling Fans

ceiling fan

Today’s overhead ceiling fans like those from Bellacor are more efficient and can cost less to operate than floor, stand or desk models. Many are easy to install but consider hiring a professional if you’re not handy with tools or electrical wiring. A gentle breeze blowing down on you will make you feel cool even when the air is warm and is much cheaper and more environmentally-friendly than air conditioning.

Get Chilly with Chili Peppers


Believe it or not, hot, spicy foods like hot peppers can help your body stay cool by causing you to perspire. The evaporation of that sweat on your skin will cool you off. It works for people who live in hot areas like India and Mexico, so try some dishes with peppers, curry and other hot spices from the great selection at and you’ll stay cool even while eating outside in the courtyard.

Half Price Drapes

There’s A Reason Why They’re Called Shades


While a breeze blowing in from an open window can help cool your body, it doesn’t help cool the rest of the room on a hot day. Keeping shades down, curtains pulled and blinds closed will prevent the sun from heating up your room and make it easier and quicker to cool down at night. There are lots of options for keeping the heat out at Half Price Drapes.

Eco-friendly Shopping

It’s Not Just For Hot Water

water bottle

An old-fashioned yet effective way to cool down your bed at night is with a hot water bottle or a high quality, reuseable leak-proof plastic water bottle filled with ice or cold water. Place it under a light bed cover a few minutes before bedtime and your bed will be cooled down when you jump in. A glass of cold water at your bedside comes in handy during the night for both drinking and splashing a little on your neck or head.

Soft Surroundings

Cotton Is King In The Summer

cotton shirt

You might think the best clothing for staying cool is none at all, but most of us don’t live in nudist colonies – and our neighbors are probably grateful. The best clothing for staying cool in the summer is made of loose-fitting, lightweight cotton or linen. You can go with the traditional Mexican wedding shirt called the guayabera, seersucker pants or a caftan made from madras. All of the fashionable options at Soft Surroundings, especially a billowy cotton shirt and baggy light-weight shorts, will do the trick.

Jackson & Perkins

Trees Please

tulip tree

If you have room in your yard, plants some trees like the many varieties at Jackson & Perkins on the south and west sides of your house. Their shade will cool it in the afternoon and evening and keep your air-conditioning bill down. They’re also great for keeping cool while sitting outside. Check with your local nurseries or county extension service for the best shade trees for your geographic area.


Water, Water, Everywhere

woman drinking water

You won’t know you’re dehydrated until it’s too late, so drink plenty of purified and refreshing water using a whole house water filtration system from Waterwise to keep cool and hydrated.

A cold bottle of water lowers your core temperature and replenishes what you’ve lost from sweating. Keep a second cold bottle handy to rub on the back or your neck or on pulse points like your wrists for extra cooling. Pouring it over your head is a silly way to stay cool or you can use it to soak a towel to wrap around your head or neck.


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