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Best of … symbols for good luck

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 26, 2012
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One of the best of symbols of good luckContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

Good luck charms have been around for as long as man has walked the earth.

From the lucky four-leaf clover to the shooting star, all cultures have their lucky totems, talismans, signs, and charms. Many symbols and good luck charms are thought to bring good fortune, grant wishes, heal the sick, or even ward of evil spirits.

Whichever is your favorite good luck charm, these online stores are sure to brighten your day and bring a little good fortune your way.

Dream catcher

Native American vibes

One of the best of symbols of good luck

A western theme store has a variety of themed décor for your home including Native American artwork that is bound to bring good luck to your home. The dream catcher is designed after the spider web and is known for entangling bad dreams in its webbing. Only good dreams are allowed to pass through the tiny hole leaving the dreamer to wake with happy thoughts. Hang the dream catcher in each bedroom to ward off nightmares and catch the negative images from dreams. There are a variety of dream catcher designs to choose from to accent your décor.

Horse shoes

Up or down for luck

One of the best of symbols of good luck

Even the title description for these horseshoe earrings at Back in the Saddle says it all … “Stuck on Luck Earrings.” Horseshoes are associated with the strength and reliability of the horse. The horseshoe protects your home to keep strangers away when hung above an entryway or on the wall. The “U” shape of the horseshoe holds the good luck inside. Legend has it that a horseshoe “‘pointing up” will gather your luck, whereas “pointing down” it will shower you with luck. Wear these horseshoe earrings to bring good luck wherever you go!

Penny fountain

Water features bring fortune

Ancient civilizations believed that a token gift to the gods would keep wells from running dry. You can turn your patio or yard area into your own private oasis with a garden fountain, well or water feature that matches your style. A symbol of good fortune, decorative wishing “well” will be the focal point of your garden area.


Great luck….if you can find one!

A tiny four-leafed plant is one of the hardest good luck symbols to find. But for the Irish, that scarcity is one of the shamrock’s charms. Try it for yourself…stand in a patch of bright green clover, then start looking for the four-leafed clover known as a shamrock. Odds are, you’re going to think you see one again and again, only to find what you have in your hand is a plain old three-leafed one. Thank goodness there are beautiful Shamrock gifts like this sparkling crystal pendant. All the luck, none of the work. Sounds good to me!


For garden and home

One of the best of symbols of good luck

Miles Kimball can fill your home and garden with good luck and fortune! The ladybug can eat thousands of aphids and pests from your garden to ensure a healthy crop. Although just a tiny insect, the ladybug is the symbol or good luck and prosperity. Having a live one land on you is to suppose to brighten your day, eliminate any illness you might have, and ease your burdens. Killing a ladybug is considered bad luck, so spread symbols of ladybugs throughout your home and garden to thrive! As the symbol of prosperity, you will reap big rewards from ladybugs in your garden area.

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