Top 10 Future Careers

August 31, 2011

Contributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

A mere 25 years ago, almost half of today’s most dynamic careers did not exist. Experts estimate that in another 25 years, almost all growing careers will be in fields or specialties that do not exist right now.

But there are hints of what’s to come. So with that thought in mind, here are our top 10 careers of the future.

10. Virtual computing security specialists

How do you keep computers and data secure when the machines go away? With the growth in cloud computing, and developments in bio-based computing, security specialists will be needed to develop ways to keep information flowing – and safe.

9. Remote surgeons

Instead of mastery with a scalpel, the surgeons of tomorrow will need to have expertise in performing surgery over vast distances via computers and robotic assistants.

8. Xenobiologists

With growing advancements in space exploration, previously earth-bound zoologists and bontonists will probably have to contend with noncarbon-based life forms and new types of beings.

7. Genetic designers

Like it or not, the age of genetic design is almost upon us. Specialists who can create designer babies, remove genetic flaws and redesign failing bodies will be among the top careers of the future.

6. Interspace commercial pilots

Not all the careers of the future will be glamourous or exotic. Commercial pilots who now carry passengers from New York to Paris will be replaced with pilots whose route includes other planets or space stations.

5. Lawyers

As life continues to become more complex, the need for lawyers will continue to grow well into the next century. Courtrooms, however may change, as virtual hearings allow clients, judges and attorneys to gather without leaving home.

4. Virtual reality actors

Computer games, once limited to a few blocks of light engaged in a primitive game of tennis, have become more and more realistic. Actors who can respnd to players’ moves for a full immersion experience will open up new opportunities for performers in the decades to come.

3. Food scientists

As the human population grows, scientists who can develop sustainable crops and less dangerous ways to deal with pests will be in demand across the globe.

2. Space tour guides

As space travel becomes more commonplace, tourists will demand guided tours. The people who now bring you and hour and half of chatter on a duck boat will be able to transfer their skills to a flight to Mars or the latest interplanetry Holiday Inn.

1. Water development specialists

One of the biggest challenges facing space settlement is the need for water. Scientists who can develop ways to create or extract water in places far from earth will have one of the leading careers of the future.

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