Tech Devices for College

March 25, 2015

There is no such thing as a low-tech college student.

High-tech devices are here to stay, and have become an absolute necessity for today’s college experience. Make sure you (or your student) have the most up-to-date devices so they can keep up in this high-tech world.

10. Recharging Hub

Recharging Hub

Everything these days is wireless, which means it all has to be recharged. When you’ve got your cell phone, wireless speakers, mp3 player, and camera all begging to be charged at once, it can be a nightmare to find enough USB ports to hook them all up to. But with a recharging hub you can recharge up to seven USB devices at once. May your student never have a low battery again.

9. MiFi


Wifi connections on campuses and in dorm rooms can be spotty at best. But, if you have your very own MiFi device, you can have access to wireless internet anywhere. These oh-so-portable network connections will work wherever you take them, making a research trip to the local library that much less frustrating.

8. Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Bluetooth Portable Speaker

When you’re in college, you gotta have your tunes. And sometimes you even want to share those tunes, but don’t necessarily have the space to set up a full sound system. This is where a great Bluetooth portable speaker comes in. You can take these compact workhorses anywhere – to the beach or park, in your car, or in your dorm – and they pack a bigger audio punch than you’d expect from something so small. You’ll wonder what you ever did without them.

7. Tablet


Tablets have become must-have devices in the tech world. Combination web-browser, media-streamer, and e-reader, a tablet will perform all of these functions with a bigger, more readable screen than your smart phone and more portability than your laptop.

6. Printer


There will come a day when your professor(s) will require you to print something off – probably many days. Having a compact printer in your room will save time, frustration, and the necessity of running off to the school library every time you need to create a hard copy. This is one device not to be overlooked.

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Dorm rooms, common areas, and study halls can get loud, making it hard to concentrate when trying to churn out a twelve page research paper. This makes noise cancelling headphones almost a necessity for any college student. Block out distracting sounds and listen to music, recorded class lectures, or even white noise. Anything to help you get the job done.

4. Cell Phone

Cell Phone

Gone are the days when students relied on pay phones and busy dorm phones that seem to always have someone else on them. Your student has probably had a cell phone for years now, getting them through most of high school and maybe even middle school. But it’s nice to send them off with an upgrade so they can have access to all the latest bells and whistles these telephones-turned-handheld-computers have to offer.

3. Action Camera

Action Camera

College is a crazy, fun, memorable, milestone-setting time in anyone’s life. Even if you don’t have plans on becoming a videographer, chances are you’ll want to capture as many of these fleeting moments as you can. Action cameras are great for just this very thing. They are smaller than a cumbersome camcorder but with more functionality and video quality than your typical digital camera (and definitely better than your phone’s built-in camera).

2. Flash Drive

Flash Drive

There is no way you’re getting through college without at least one flash drive. These essential file storage devices, like the floppy disks of old, enable you to save and transport documents from one computer to another. Get one with plenty of data capacity and, preferably, something you can put on a lanyard or keychain so you’re less likely to lose it.

1. Laptop


Even with all the devices out today, every college student’s primary device is still the trusty laptop. Sure, you can type term papers on the library’s computers, but they are often slow and always in high demand. It’s better to have your own laptop so you can work on documents wherever and whenever you need. Don’t take it for granted; that laptop is about to become your very best friend.

by Info Guru Angela K. Van Winkle

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Top 10 College Football Game Gear Choices

October 3, 2011

Contributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

college football game gear

I just love football season! Cheering for my team, wearing the school colors, hosting football parties – it’s all fun.

The best thing of all is actually going to the games. But joining a few thousand other fans to scream for your team is more fun if you’re prepared.

Here are the top 10 college football game gear must-haves you should take to the stadium with you.

10. Seat cushion or stadium chair

college football game gear

Let’s face it – most college stadium seats aren’t too comfortable. Adding a stadium seat or cushion will make your time at the game a lot more comfortable, even if the game goes into overtime.

9. College sweatshirt

college football game gear

Sure, you could wear that new sweater or last year’s coat. But this a college game, so join in the fun with cozy new college sweatshirts. Have kids? Get them into the spirit with college hoodies of their own.

8. A warm hat

college football game gear

They say that we lose over 75% of our body heat from our heads, so a warm hat is a must for your college football game gear. Get a logo hat with your college mascot on it, or choose a cozy hat in your school colors.

7. Warm gloves

college football game gear

Keep your fingers warm and comfortable in a pair of warm gloves. Make sure the gloves you choose have Thinsulate™ or other heat-retaining lining to stay warm well into the fourth quarter.

6. Fan pom-poms

college football game gear

Who says the cheerleaders should have all the fun? Get a pair of fan-sized pom-poms and wave away when your team makes the big score.

If you can’t find pom-poms with your team logo, choose a pair in your school colors. Many discount stores and online sports stores carry pom pons them in common college colors.

5. A giant foam finger

college football game gear

Sure it’s tacky and silly looking. Who cares? It’s a college football game and you’re supposed to have fun, so wave away!

Giant foam fingers for most college teams are available online, so you can order one even if you live hundreds of miles away from your favorite team.

4. Foot warmers

Your college football game experience won’t be much fun if your tootsies are freezing, so invest in some footwarmers to tuck inside your shoes.

Choose chemical based foot warmers that last for about four to five hours, or invest in warm silk liner socks that trap your own body heat without making feet sweaty.

3. Sunglasses

college football game gear

When the game starts before sundown, adding a pair of sunglasses to your college football game gear bag will make it easier to see the field. Pick a pair with good UV and glare protection, so you won’t miss that great handoff or the perfect pass because the sun’s in your eyes.

2. Thermos

college football game gear

When the sun goes down and the chill sets in, a thermos of hot cocoa, coffee or cider is the perfect way to stay warm while you watch the game.

Choose a double-insulated thermos to keep your beverage pipping hot through the whole game.

1. Binoculars

college football game gear

Unless you’ve scored seats in the first few rows, a pair of lightweight sports binoculars will bring the game up close even if you’re in the nose-bleed section.

New wide-angle binoculars will give you a great view of the field, saving you from “searching” for the players and missing the play.

Top 10 College Facts for High School Freshmen

October 3, 2011

Contributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

Top 10 College Facts for High School Freshmen

At last, middle school is behind you and you’re a high school freshman. Congratulations! Now are you ready to start thinking about college?

I know it seems too soon. After all, you have four years until college, right? Think again. Preparing for college really starts the day you walk into your first high school class. Ready?

Here are our top 10 college facts for high school Freshmen…where are you on this list?

10. The time to challenge yourself is now

Top 10 College Facts for High School Freshmen

Movies portray college as a four-year long party with an occassional class thrown in. But the reality is that being successful in college means a commitment to hard work and applying good study skills.

Now is the time to acquire those skills by selecting classes and assignments that put your talents and habits to the test. In four years, it’s too late.

9. It’s time to start looking at colleges now

Top 10 College Facts for High School Freshmen

By the time you reach your Junior year, you’ll need to know which colleges are on your application list. But making those choices involves research and ideally, campus visits.

The time to start that process is your Freshman year. By next year you should have a pretty good feel for where you want to go, and the year after that the actual applications start.

8. Not everyone is accepted into a college

Top 10 College Facts for High School Freshmen

This is one of the college facts for high school Freshmen that always seems to get overlooked. There’s an assumption that anyone can go to college somewhere. But every year, thousands of students find themselves with no acceptance letters and no plans for the next fall.

Doing your prep work now will give you a better shot at the competitive world of college admissions later.

7. Use college admission requirements to guide your high school schedule

Top 10 College Facts for High School Freshmen

This is one of the big reasons you need to start narrowing your list of colleges now. Different colleges have different admission requirements.

The end of your junior year is too late to find out that you needed four years of math or a language to get into the school of your choice.

6. College Board prep starts now

Top 10 College Facts for High School Freshmen

You may not be taking your SAT or ACT tests any time soon, but the preparation starts from the first day of high school.

Get a good test prep book or CD-ROM set and start working on your problem solving and math skills. Review and add to your vocabulary, and polish your writing skills. When the test does come around, you’ll be ready to shine.

5. Get to know your teachers

Top 10 College Facts for High School Freshmen

When college application time rolls around, you’ll need letters of reference from teachers.

Building good relationships with teachers from day one will ensure that you have instructors who know you well, and can provide the recommendations you need.

4. What you do outside of school counts

Top 10 College Facts for High School Freshmen

College admission isn’t based on grades and test scores alone. Admission committees also consider summer jobs, volunteer work and community leadership.

Look for opportunities that match your interests, or choose those that offer an chance to grow in new directions.

A bonus: some school districts even provide scholarships to graduates who completed a certain number of hours of volunteer work. So those same hours that help you with acceptance might also pay some of the bills.

3. Make a plan for the next four years

Top 10 College Facts for High School Freshmen

You’ll have to keep track of a lot over the next four years, so making a plan can help you stay on track and on target.

Your plan should include required classes and when you’ll take them, test dates (and test registration deadlines), college visits, volunteer and job plans, and of course, college application due dates.

2. Grades determine money as well as admission

Top 10 College Facts for High School Freshmen

College money is something most high school Freshmen don’t consider. But the grades you earn this year and beyond could earn you a scholarship – or keep you from qualifying.

1. What you do now counts

Top 10 College Facts for High School Freshmen

There are a lot of jokes about the “Permanent Record” that probably doesn’t exist. But when it comes to college admission, there is a permanent record of your high school years.

College admission committees will see your class choices, grades, attendance, disciplinary issues and extracurricular school activities. And the record starts now, in your Freshman year.

It’s up to you to make that work in your favor.

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