Cos-Play Costumes and Accessories

September 30, 2016

Cos-play is the shortened form of two words, costume and play.

It is the practice of dressing up as your favorite fictional character – and even identifying as that character while in costume. In Japan, cos-play is part of the pop culture and you’ll often see people dressed up as part of their daily lives. This representation of fandom can be practiced by anyone and we’ve put together a list of the top 10 costumes and accessories.

10. Warrior Mulan

Warrior Mulan

Become the daring warrior of ancient China with this cos-play costume. Padded armor in greens and black for the torso, legs and hands will keep you safe as you defend against Mongol invaders. To personalize this costume, carry Mu-Shu – her dragon with you. To get the hair correct, use a black wig tied into a ponytail. Take that ponytail and tie it up into a bun. Finish the look with a strip of fabric that matches the green of the costume.

9. Green Arrow

Green Arrow

Protect Starling City in your deep forest green Arrow suit. Match the leather – or pleather – colors of the pants to the jacket for the complete look. Oliver’s characteristic hood should be large enough to keep your face in the shadows and still be able to see. For an even more authentic look, carry a bow and matching quiver with green arrows.

8. ChiChi of Dragon Ball Z

ChiChi of Dragon Ball Z

This costume will help you become one of the fiercest women from this anime series. The dress is a royal blue, trimmed in red. Add white pants, a red belt and red wrist protectors to complete the look. Red shoe covers add more detail. Style your hair into a low ponytail, keeping some longer hair in front of your ears for a classic ChiChi look.

7. Xena


An embellished brown leather-like bodice with attached, panel skirt is what you need for a basic Warrior Princess costume. Add shoulder straps with armor, brass studs to skirt panels and thigh-high boots for a more authentic look. Scour antique and junk shops to find the perfect long sword and you’re ready to defend the defenseless and right all wrongs.

6. Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Become the legendary Jedi master from the original Star Wars. This costume couldn’t be simpler or more recognizable. Cinch a tan tunic wrap-style top over slightly darker pants with a wide black belt. Add knee-high brown leather boots and a dark brown cloak to complete the look. The cloak needs to have extra volume, an oversized hood and sleeves that nearly cover the hands. For added detail, hang a light saber just to the left of center on the belt.

5. Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

This school-girl inspired costume is often seen at cos-play events and is great for those new to character dressing. A full, short blue skirt is worn with a white and blue top in a classic sailor design. A red scarf is tied in a bow in the front, with a gold or brass pin over the knot. Use elbow-length white gloves trimmed with more red and bows at the elbow. To complete the look, wear a long, blond wig tied into pigtails and knee-high red boots.

4. Pokemon Nurse Joy

Pokemon Nurse Joy

A short-sleeved pink dress topped with a white pinafore apron are the basics that make up this costume. Add a classic nurse’s cap with the iconic red cross on the front for more detail. Find, or dye, a wig in a slightly darker shade of pink than the dress. Style it with bouffant bangs and low, looped pigtails.

3. Outlander Highland warrior

Outlander Highland warrior

Transport yourself back in time and become Jamie Fraser, defender of Scotland from the Jacobites in 1743. Wrap yourself in a classic tartan kilt, complete with buckles and hidden pockets. Top the kilt with a high-necked, ivory shirt, brown vest and subtle tartan overcoat. Don’t forget the sporran and long sword!

2. Classic witch

Classic witch

Throughout history, in books, movies and stories, witches have made an appearance. A long, floor-length dress with deep bell sleeves is a great piece to begin your costume with. Pair this with a highly embroidered topcoat and you’ll be Regina from Once Upon a Time. Add green body paint, a cone shaped black hat and a scraggly broom and you’ve become the Evil Witch from The Wizard of Oz.

1. Deadpool


He’s brash and funny. And quite possibly the most common character seen at any comic book convention. The red outfit is key, because red hides bloodstains. Black accents around the eyes, along the shoulders, hips and thighs break up the monotony of an all red suit. Be sure to add a tactical belt and two long handled Japanese swords to round out the look.

by Info Guru Elizabeth Sobiski

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