Top 10 College Football Game Gear Choices

October 3, 2011

Contributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

college football game gear

I just love football season! Cheering for my team, wearing the school colors, hosting football parties – it’s all fun.

The best thing of all is actually going to the games. But joining a few thousand other fans to scream for your team is more fun if you’re prepared.

Here are the top 10 college football game gear must-haves you should take to the stadium with you.

10. Seat cushion or stadium chair

college football game gear

Let’s face it – most college stadium seats aren’t too comfortable. Adding a stadium seat or cushion will make your time at the game a lot more comfortable, even if the game goes into overtime.

9. College sweatshirt

college football game gear

Sure, you could wear that new sweater or last year’s coat. But this a college game, so join in the fun with cozy new college sweatshirts. Have kids? Get them into the spirit with college hoodies of their own.

8. A warm hat

college football game gear

They say that we lose over 75% of our body heat from our heads, so a warm hat is a must for your college football game gear. Get a logo hat with your college mascot on it, or choose a cozy hat in your school colors.

7. Warm gloves

college football game gear

Keep your fingers warm and comfortable in a pair of warm gloves. Make sure the gloves you choose have Thinsulate™ or other heat-retaining lining to stay warm well into the fourth quarter.

6. Fan pom-poms

college football game gear

Who says the cheerleaders should have all the fun? Get a pair of fan-sized pom-poms and wave away when your team makes the big score.

If you can’t find pom-poms with your team logo, choose a pair in your school colors. Many discount stores and online sports stores carry pom pons them in common college colors.

5. A giant foam finger

college football game gear

Sure it’s tacky and silly looking. Who cares? It’s a college football game and you’re supposed to have fun, so wave away!

Giant foam fingers for most college teams are available online, so you can order one even if you live hundreds of miles away from your favorite team.

4. Foot warmers

Your college football game experience won’t be much fun if your tootsies are freezing, so invest in some footwarmers to tuck inside your shoes.

Choose chemical based foot warmers that last for about four to five hours, or invest in warm silk liner socks that trap your own body heat without making feet sweaty.

3. Sunglasses

college football game gear

When the game starts before sundown, adding a pair of sunglasses to your college football game gear bag will make it easier to see the field. Pick a pair with good UV and glare protection, so you won’t miss that great handoff or the perfect pass because the sun’s in your eyes.

2. Thermos

college football game gear

When the sun goes down and the chill sets in, a thermos of hot cocoa, coffee or cider is the perfect way to stay warm while you watch the game.

Choose a double-insulated thermos to keep your beverage pipping hot through the whole game.

1. Binoculars

college football game gear

Unless you’ve scored seats in the first few rows, a pair of lightweight sports binoculars will bring the game up close even if you’re in the nose-bleed section.

New wide-angle binoculars will give you a great view of the field, saving you from “searching” for the players and missing the play.

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Top 10 Best Cheer Dance Songs

September 8, 2011

A list of the top ten dance cheer songsContributed by Lindsay Shugerman, Top 10 Guru

If you’re looking for a few new numbers for your cheer dance team, check out this top 10 list of the best cheer dance songs out there.

10. 4 Minutes by Madonna (with Timbaland)

A list of the top ten dance cheer songs

A slower and stronger piece than people might expect from a countdown of the best cheer dance songs, but with the right team, it’s magic. The sharp beat works for your crowd-wowing team moves, and the slower tempo will let the judges see the precision choreography.

9. I Got Feeling by Black Eyed Peas

A list of the top ten dance cheer songs

Sure a popular wedding entrance video on YouTube has made this song a little too overplayed, but it still works as a great first routine song for your cheer dance troupe. The slower entry, changing styles and complex sound lets you show a variety of styles in one piece. And as a plus, the feel-good lyrics are infectious, and just might get the audience and the judges singing along.

8. Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body) by Three 6 Mafia

A list of the top ten dance cheer songs

Not much for lyrics, but it has to be among the top 10 best cheer dance songs because the sound works for all kinds of moves and styles. The changing tempos and sections make it a great song for a cheer dance with several very different elements, like twist downs, extensions, ball backs and back hand springs into stunts.

7. In my Head by Jason Derulo

A list of the top ten dance cheer songs

Like a couple of my other selections, this one is a little slower than the standard cheer dance mix. But it works great for advanced teams who use the tempo to build their formations, and need to allow for audience reaction. Striking dance team costuming works well with this song too. Not a song for a beginning team, this takes flawless performance to carry off, but for the team who can, it’s a winner.

6. DJ Got Us Fallin in Love Again by Usher (with Pitbull)

A list of the top ten dance cheer songs

The only reason I didn’t put this higher on the list was because it’s played too much on the radio. Personal issues with the song aside, this is one of the best cheer dance songs out there. The tempo and beat fit with routines at all levels.

5. Can’t Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus

A list of the top ten dance cheer songs

Yes, she started in kids’ TV, but this song is anything but kids’ fare. And as a cheer dance song, it’s perfect. Strong. Unexpected. The lyrics will allow you to do a themed cheer dance, with a lot more drama than the standard routine. And you know that sparkling performance apparel you fell in love with at camp? The drama of that look is perfect for this number!

4. Not Afraid by Eminem

A list of the top ten dance cheer songs

You will need to use the radio edit to put this song into your cheer dance mix, but the slight inconvenience is well worth it. The beat and the words are perfect for a powerful cheer dance performance. The drama potential is huge … the judges will not be able to ignore your team when you perform to this song.

3. Lace and Leather by Britney Spears

A list of the top ten dance cheer songs

The strong beat makes this one a natural for cheer dancing. And the relatively slow tempo gives your team a chance to do more dramatic moves. It’s also a great piece for working in some more dramatic costuming – skip the cheer camp look for this one.

2. Poker Face by Lady Gaga

A list of the top ten dance cheer songs

This song feels like it was just made for cheer dance. The strong rhythm is perfect for synchronized moves and the techno feel really emphasizes your team’s clean, slick movements. Just make sure you use your floor space well with this song … you’ll want the judges to catch every move.

1. Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

A list of the top ten dance cheer songs

Sure it may be a common choice, but there’s a reason. This song earns its number one position in the top 10 cheer dance list. Everything works in this song…the tone, the beat, the repetitious lines, the strong background vocals.

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