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Things Doctors Wear

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 25, 2013
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what doctors wearContributed by Info Guru Lisa Pratto

What image comes to mind when you picture a doctor? What are they wearing? Well, besides that extra cold stethescope?

Chances are you are picturing one in scrubs, headed off to surgery or the ubiquitous white lab coat and a tie. These days the things doctors wear is not limited to any one style. In fact, I have had many a doc show up in t-shirts from their favorite band underneath their white coat. To each their own. Check out these common choices for what you’re likely to see your local GP sporting.

10. Scrub Cap

Scrub Cap

Doctors heading into or out of the operating room are likely to be spotted wearing surgical caps. Truth is, they’re wearing them inside the operating room, too, but being in the position to see that is not what most of us are shooting for. Television doctors seems to like keeping these caps on a lot longer…all the better to pull off in a dramatic post-surgical dialog, I guess.

9. Clown Nose

Clown Nose

Oh, wait … that’s just Patch Adams! My mistake. On second thought, it might be a good addition to the more boring things doctors wear now. Don’t you think a bright red nose would be a welcome accessory to see on your doc when you go in for a check-up? No? Oh, well! Worth a shot!

8. Support Socks/Hose

Support Socks/Hose

Doctors, especially interns, work long grueling hours and can benefit from support socks or support hose. Also called compression socks, they are designed to increase blood flow to the legs and decrease fatigue.

7. Tennis Shoes

Tennis Shoes

Good tennis shoes are not just things doctors wear, but almost every hospital worker. When you work in a medical setting, taking care of patients, you are constantly on your feet and proper footwear is a MUST. Leave the Italian leather loafers at home.

6. Scrub Pants

Scrub Pants

Let’s face it; these just are not flattering on anyone. Scrubs pants do happen to be one of the things doctors wear on a daily basis. On the plus side, they are incredibly comfortable. Still not willing to endure this fashion faux pas? Alas, perhaps med school is not for you.

5. Long Sleeve T-shirt

Long Sleeve T-shirt

Operating rooms and hospitals are kept cold for a reason — it reduces the growth of germs that can make patients sicker than when they came into the hospital. But all that chilly air is why doctors often wear long sleeve t-shirts underneath their scrubs for warmth.

4. Scrub Shirt

Scrub Shirt

This is what we all dreamed of as a kid, right? The infamous, blue-green scrub shirt. Of course, it comes in other colors these days, but the meaning is still the same. You are a doctor.

Or um, well, a nurse. Or an orderly. Or…yeah, the glamour factor seems to have evaporated. But like the scrub pants, they are so comfortable, it’s not unusual to see medical professionals wearing them at Starbucks or the grocery store, too.

3. Lab Coat or Scrub Jacket

Lab Coat or Scrub Jacket

Another status symbol is the white lab coat with the letters M.D. or D.O. embroidered after one’s name. Yup. Docs wear those.

2. Stethoscope


Ever wonder why a doctor wears his or her stethoscope around their neck? Those things are heavy; they can really weight down a pocket. Now days, docs and nurses can get custom decorated stethoscopes — just as cold, but now more interesting to look at as you jump.

Have you ever wondered if those things come pre-chilled or if the docs are slipping them into the fridge between patients? Hey, I’ve watched “Scrubs” — seems like something they just might do!

1. Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt

After all, they are going golfing right after your appointment. A polo shirt is reasonable, right?!


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