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Things to Entertain Kids

Written by: Editorial Staff

November 5, 2012
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things to entertain kidsContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Kids are tireless about exploring the world around them, but many have short attention spans.

They utter the dreaded phrase like a reflex: “I’m bored,” or plop down to watch hours of television or play video games. At the same time, you have things to do, and spending the day keeping them busy isn’t always one of them.

These top ten things to entertain kids will keep them engaged whether you have one pair of idle hands or a whole house full of them.

10. Ride On Toys

ride on toys

Get them out and get them moving. Ride on toys are the best combination of physical activity, imagination and cooperative play. There is nothing better than getting a group of bored kids out to expend some energy, and a variety of riding toys, pedal cars, scooters and wagons will get the whole neighborhood into the act. The next challenge will be getting them in for dinner.

9. Building


Making things with your hands is satisfying at any age. With an adult’s help, kids can decorate or build fun wood projects like a birdhouse or special box. Build a few and leave the kids to decorate them with paint, glitter or even dried macaroni. Let them help hang or mount the birdhouse and together you can watch local birds gather.

8. Exercise


If part of the goal is to get them out doors for some fresh air, help them find a few healthy activities. If they’re old enough, running or riding a bike around the neighborhood will help them burn excess energy. Drop them at the tennis or basketball courts to play with friends or take them to the playground. For a long term solution, see if they’re interested in taking a dance class and then go shopping for some fun dance gear.

7. Puzzles


Brain teaser puzzles are great things to entertain kids. Puzzles help with problem solving skills and they’re fun to do. This is sneaky learning at its best because it’s completely immersive. Hands-on puzzles are something they can do on their own or with a group of friends.

6. Crafts


Crafts are a good go-to activity to have available for children. When you have some free time, a guided craft, where you teach them how to do more complicated projects, will help expand their skills. Kids’ art kits with water colors, art pads, construction paper, scissors and paste give them plenty for their own imaginations to work with.

5. Journal


Some children squirm at the idea of keeping a diary, but give them a journal and suddenly they’ve got much to write about. One fun theme to give them is nature. Equip them with a magnifying glass or binoculars and encourage them to record the activities of insects, birds and other life they observe in the backyard. Teach them to explore the world!

4. Books


Take your kid to the library so they can get their very own library card, and you’ll introduce them to a whole world of reading. This is a free way to help a children develop her own interests and learn about curiosities or lose herself in a great story. Share some of your favorite childhood books like Anne of Green Gables or Sarah Plain and Tall and see what she thinks.

3. Games


Next to puzzles, educational games are a fantastic way to keep kids’ brains sharp over long vacations from school. They’re among the top things to entertain kids because there’s such a wide variety to choose from for all ages and learning levels.

2. Music


Enhancing a child’s appreciation of music helps develop their cognitive abilities. The more exposure they have to a wide variety of music, the more likely they are to want to pick up and instrument themselves. This is a great thing because then they start learning to express themselves in different ways. Schedule a weekly music time with kids. They could draw while listening, dance or work on a project.

1. Backyard Campout

Backyard Campout

Spend some quality time together without spending a dime by having a backyard campout. Give the kids some time to try and set up the tents by themselves. Use a portable grill for a simple dinner and s’mores. After roasting marshmallows, play card games till it gets dark, and then take turns telling scary or funny stories.

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