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Things You Didn’t Know You Could Personalize

Written by: Editorial Staff

April 21, 2015
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personalized itemsby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

With global competition higher than ever, companies must find new ways to make their products stand out.

Giving you the ability to personalize things is one of the most effective and exciting trends.

Today there are fantastic things you didn’t know you could personalize. This is a simple way to add a memorable touch to gifts, décor and even delicious treats.

10. Candy

personalized M&Ms

A bowl of candy brings sweetness to any occasion, but why stop there? Couples can set out M&Ms that say “Just Married” at their wedding reception. Parents can have their graduates face printed on candy coated goodness, or friends throwing a baby shower can personalize candies with cheerful wishes.

9. Pillows


Throw pillows add style to a room. They’re also a perfect canvas for embroidering the family name. Some families have the birthdates of every child with their corresponding name. This makes a lovely gift.

8. Rocks


Engraved rocks make a special gift for people who are difficult to shop for. Words, names, beautiful designs or whatever you choose to have engraved take on more permanence when put it on a special rock. Some people use them to mark a pet’s grave while others use them as artistic additions to gardens.

7. Baby gifts

Baby gifts

A baby’s first year is filled with momentous firsts for both parents and baby. It’s only natural to want to personalize every baby gift. Many of the things you didn’t know you could personalize belong in a nursery. From embroidered baby blankets and bath robes, to engraved cradles and personalized story books, your child will look back and smile.

6. Electronics cases

Electronics cases

Avoid grabbing the wrong phone or having someone take yours by accident. Among the things you didn’t know you could personalize, this may be the most practical. You can choose your own font and many places let you choose or make your own design.

5. Soaps


Feel special and clean with carved soap. Nothing says signature scent like stamping your name on it. Impress guests with light, fresh scents or have them customized as housewarming gifts.

4. Craft supplies

Craft supplies

Crafters know how hard to is to find the right fabric for a next project. Maybe you don’t know what you’re looking for, but you’ll know it when you see it. Maybe you should just go ahead and make it yourself. Personalize fabric for a blanket or make your own design for clothing and have it printed on fabric.

3. Birthday gifts

Birthday gifts

Take a big day up a notch by personalizing birthday gifts with your loved one’s name, birth year or picture. Get a mug engraved for your favorite beer lover or a customized journal to mark a friend’s 30th year. Funny shirts and aprons with the person’s name and milestone year are a classic choice and bound to be worn, though perhaps not in public.

2. Wedding toppers

Wedding toppers

Gone are the days when you newlyweds must settle for figures of some other couple on top of their wedding cake. Now you can have your names engraved on sculptural wedding cake toppers or figures made to look like you in a pose of your choice. Have the bride carrying the groom or put them both on a motorcycle ready to ride.

1. Puzzles


Many puzzle makers have expanded beyond their own designs. They allow customers to submit photos to be turned into a puzzle. Family photo puzzles make great gifts for parents, grandparents, recent graduates and newlyweds. Have your pet’s silly face printed or the front of a home as a housewarming gift.

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