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Best of … things you need for an apartment

Written by: Editorial Staff

July 28, 2011
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A list of the best of things you need for an apartmentContributed by Rachelle Dawson, Top 10 Guru

Maybe you’re off to college or getting ready to start your first full-time job.

Moving into your own apartment under these circumstances means you need to set up your home and get on with your responsibilities. But if it’s your first time on your own, how do you know what things you need for an apartment and what gadgets will end up sitting unused?


A Little Bit of Everything

A list of the best of things you need for an apartment

Setting up your first home can be expensive. There is a difference between things you need for an apartment and things you’d like to have. Focus on the essentials first, including bedding, window coverings, a basic pot and pan set, everyday dishes, bath towels, and adequate storage for clothing. Brylane Home offers all of these in a range of prices and styles. If you intend to add onto your collections as your budget allows, make sure to choose basic styles that will easily mix and match.

Fresh Finds

For the Entertainer

A list of the best of things you need for an apartment

At the same time, if you really enjoy entertaining, don’t be afraid to splurge on a couple showpieces. Fresh Finds sells all manner of cooking tools, party sets, and space-saving kitchen organizers. Whether you want to throw an apartment-warming party or just make a home for every item in your kitchen, Fresh Finds can help you achieve your goal.

The English Tea Store

Cream or Sugar?

french press

If you drink tea or coffee, there are certain things you need for an apartment. You may not be able to make it through the day otherwise. The English Tea Store offers all the kettles, pot and presses you’ll need, along with a selection of coffees and teas for every caffeine lover.

Half Price Drapes

No Naked Windows

A list of the best of things you need for an apartment

Some apartments may come furnished with blinds or other window coverings. Others may not. If yours is in the latter category, window treatments are definitely one of the things you need for an apartment, either in a rural or urban setting. Window treatments not only dress up your windows but also protect your privacy. For a selection of curtains and accompanying hardware, shop Half Price Drapes.


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