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Tips to Make Your Skin Look Flawless

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 22, 2015
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flawless skinby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Applying makeup is a craft anyone can master to look and feel fantastic.

With a few tricks, people won’t notice you’re wearing foundation at all.

Try these simple tips to make your skin look flawless.

10. Moisturize with SPF first

Moisturize with SPF first

The very first step is to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. While your skin is still damp from washing, apply a moisturizer that has SPF in it. As an added bonus, it allows concealer to blend smoothly.

9. Choose makeup wisely

Choose makeup wisely

Keep in mind the adage “You get what you pay for” before buying cheap drug store makeup. Saving a few bucks now can cost sensitive skin. Cheap makeup is made from the lowest quality ingredients known to irritate skin, which leads to breakouts that make you want to stay inside or cover them up with more foundation. This won’t look good and will further damage skin. Break the cycle and invest in quality makeup made for sensitive skin.

8. Use concealer sparingly

Use concealer sparingly

The purpose of quality concealer is to hide blemishes and dark under eye circles. Like foundation, when used correctly it is completely unnoticeable. Makeup artists advise to use one that matches your skin tone exactly. When you use one that’s a shade lighter it doesn’t blend. To apply, dot on with a thin brush and lightly blend with a fingertip. Be gentle with the under eye area.

7. Opt for a foundation stick

Opt for a foundation stick

Foundation sticks are much easier to use with precision. You can apply it almost as if it’s a thick marker. Draw wide lines along cheekbones, above the brows and the sides of your nose. Use the tip of clean fingers to blend.

6. For a summer glow

For a summer glow

One of the most important tips to make your skin look flawless in summer is to fake a glow with natural beauty products. Achieve the sun-kissed look by contouring with an additional foundation two shades darker than your normal skin tone. Mix both your usual foundation and the darker one in your hand as the warmth helps it blend and glide on naturally.

5. Add finishing touches

Add finishing touches

After evening out your skin tone, take a step back and assess. Identify noticeable flaws and hide them with extra concealer. For blemishes, try one that has salicylic acid in the ingredients to help it heal while you hide it.

4. Application technique

Application technique

Blending foundations and applying extra layers of concealer can quickly give you a cakey look, which is not the intention of these tips to make your skin look flawless! Avoid clumps and thick skin-clogging layers by dabbing concealer on with the tip of your finger. Pat around the perimeter of the blemish rather than trying to blend.

3. Make it last

Make it last

Powder your face with a puff before moving on to applying eye and lip cosmetics. You can do this step with your eyes closed, but don’t skip it. Powder absorbs oil from your skin so your foundation will stay put all day.

2. Natural blush

Natural blush

When done well, a little blush blended around the apples of your cheeks to your temples gives you a subtle warm glow. Cream blush blends better than powder! Experiment with a bold berry shade and if you need to tone it down just add a little foundation on top.

1. Proper skin care

Proper skin care

The healthier your skin is, the less makeup you’ll want to use. The process of maintaining a beautiful complexion changes as your skin ages. What stays the same is the need to moisturize, protect from UV rays and refine. Choose quality skin care products designed to fight blemishes and keep your skin looking fabulous.

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