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Top 10 Anniversary Celebrations

Written by: Editorial Staff

February 8, 2012
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A list of the top ten anniversary celebrationsContributed by Aurora LaJambre, Top 10 Guru

Anniversary celebrations commemorate a special event.

They mark the passing of time, honor the past and help illuminate the future. The most common types of anniversaries are weddings, birthdays and deaths, but it’s not uncommon to celebrate the first year of living in a new home, or a successful year in business.

The top ten anniversary celebrations span from informal, intimate gatherings to formal parties complete with pomp and circumstance. Choose the one that fits your style, mark the calendar and start planning a month in advance so the date doesn’t sneak up on you.

10. Enroll together

A list of the top ten anniversary celebrations

Learning a new skill together is a unique, engaging way to celebrate any wedding anniversary. Take a cooking class if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen together or if one of you has dietary restrictions. If you prefer a “class” where you don’t have to work too much, take a one-time wine class or tour through a local region. Do an online search for wineries in your state. You may be surprised to find there’s more than a few nearby.

9. See a show

A list of the top ten anniversary celebrations

Looking to get all dressed up? Go see a show for your next birthday or anniversary. A live performance stimulates your mind and imagination, and it’s a feasible way to do something special without breaking the bank. Cirque Du Soleil tours shows in over 40 U.S. cities, or check music listings for a symphony or rock show.

8. Go camping

A list of the top ten anniversary celebrations

Glamorous camping is not, but it does offer constant challenges and excitement. Unplugging for a weekend gives you and your sweetie the chance to connect in the simplest, most basic ways, like getting your kayak gear together and coordinating paddling on a kayak. Choose a park to camp in with hiking and mountain climbing, zip lining or bungee jumping for a real rush. Nothing says “Here’s to the future!” like jumping off a bridge together.

7. Party

A list of the top ten anniversary celebrations

Birthdays and wedding anniversary parties are the perfect way the share the joy of the occasion with family and friends. Monumental events like a 50th anniversary call for going the extra mile. Order a cake in the same flavor and design as your wedding cake and start the party dancing to your wedding song. Incorporate memories from your 50 years together and make a toast to 50 more.

6. Return to the scene of the first date

A list of the top ten anniversary celebrations

Imagine the look on your spouse’s face when you pull up to the same pizza place, ice cream parlor or restaurant where you had your first date, assuming the place still exists. This date down memory lane will bring you both back to the beginning so can appreciate how far you’ve come together.

5. Dream trip

A list of the top ten anniversary celebrations

Taking a dream trip – maybe to a major sports event like the Masters or Super Bowl – together is one of the ultimate anniversary celebrations. For couples who don’t want to throw a big party, traveling is an intimate and memorable way to mark the occasion. Think of a place you’ve both always wanted to see and book it. Call it a second honeymoon and act like shameless newlyweds.

4. Spa weekend

A list of the top ten anniversary celebrations

A spa weekend may be just what you need during a stressful anniversary, like the death of a loved one. Bring a dear friend and spend the weekend taking care of yourself. Spa resorts are often located in peaceful, beautiful settings like the desert or mountains, places that offer plenty of quiet spots to heal and reflect. Some also offer outings like nature hikes or horseback riding, encouraging you to celebrate the life you have in honor of the one you lost.

3. Detour

A list of the top ten anniversary celebrations

Sometimes, in order to enjoy the real anniversary celebration you both deserve, you just need to take matters into your own hands. Pack a bag for two and sit him in the car. Get a babysitter if you have kids. Don’t tell him where you’re going. If he asks, feed him chocolate covered espresso beans and explain what a surprise is. Go to a B&B for some quiet time to yourselves with a detour in a hot air balloon, or use a discount booking site like to find an affordable room at a 5 star hotel in a nearby city.

2. Renew your vows

A list of the top ten anniversary celebrations

Whether it’s your 10th or 25th wedding anniversary, renewing your vows at a small gathering of friends and family is among the most romantic of anniversary celebrations. If your wedding was thrown on a shoe string budget the first time around, now could be your chance to plan a micro dream wedding. Renew your vows in a ceremony for two with your toes in the sand or before all of your friends. Best of all, there are no rules to these types of ceremonies. Since it’s not legally binding, you can have a friend or relative officiate.

1. Cross off the bucket list

A list of the top ten anniversary celebrations

Since before the dark comedy The Bucket List with Jack Nickolson and Morgan Freeman, most people have had a mental list of things they want to do in their lives. Odds are you’ve already shared this list with your partner, figured out which things you have in common and said “we should do that someday”. Well you should. Right now.

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