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Top 10 Annoying Chewing Noises

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 7, 2012
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annoying chewingContributed by Info Guru Lisa Pratto

People in general seem to lack basic etiquette when they eat.

Sure, they are on their best behavior when out for a steak lunch with the boss or at a 5-star restaurant, but, on a daily basis, it can be rough. The following are the top ten annoying chewing noises and poor table manners often displayed.

10. Licking Fingers

licking fingers

It may be finger lickin’ good, but don’t. Seeing a fellow diner lick their fingers in public or even across the dining table is gross. Hearing it is worse. A lot worse.

9. Slurping Soup

slurping soup

Poor soup. It gets a bad rap. Movies, from silent black and whites to modern day romantic comedies, have all used the obnoxious person slurping hot soup to the annoyance of everyone as a starting point for a funny scene. It’s not the minestrone’s fault; it’s the one doing the slurping.

8. Smacking Lips

smacking lips

Some annoying chewing noises are hard top put into words. Smacking lips is not one of them. You can just hear it and cringe as you read the words.

7. Inhaling


One of the stranger annoying chewing noises is inhaling as you eat. I can only assuming that in your effort to shove as much food as possible into your face that you are forgetting to breath. This is where knowing the Heimlich maneuver may come in handy.

6. Exhaling


Likewise, forgetting to exhale is a problem and rather unappetizing for your fellow diners to hear.

5. Sniffling


If you are sick, stuffed up or just have clogged sinuses, it can be difficult to eat without making a slew of annoying chewing noises. We can all empathize; we’ve been there ourselves. Maybe you could just eat in your room. You know, until you feel better?!

4. Mmmmm


The cook always appreciates a compliment on two on their efforts, but constantly repeating, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm” as you eat is downright annoying. Eat in silence and then call the chef over for a compliment at the end.

3. Straws


If you are alone in your car, feel free to slurp that straw and get every last drop of chocolate shake. If you are in the company of anyone over the age of two, don’t. Let it go.

2. Too Hot

too hot

We’ve all put food into our mouths that was too hot. It’s a natural mistake. When you hold your mouth open, for all the world to see, and fan back and forth, it’s pretty darn yucky for the rest of us.

1. Talking


Yes, this is numero uno. Talking with your mouth full. Miss manners, your 1st grade teacher and your momma all told you not to do it. It’s about time you listened. Thank you.

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