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Top 10 As Seen on TV Products

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 28, 2011
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A list of the top ten As Seen on Tv productsContributed by Robert Blaine, Top 10 Guru

Let’s be honest. We’re all quite sick of the nauseating commercials advertising inventions we don’t really need.

“Sick of tying your shoes? Do your ears feel heavy? Fed up of using your mind? Introducing…” Yet, if you can manage to weed through these shockingly useless products, you’ll find that some of these inventors don’t deserve to be broke. Not only do many of these As Seen on TV products actually serve a purpose, but they also make life so much easier it’s unbelievable.

Let’s count down ten of the most useful and ingenious As Seen on TV products of the past few years.

10. Paint Zoom

A list of the top ten As Seen on Tv products

To hell with the title. Paint Zoom isn’t cheesy; it’s possibly the most efficient paint gun on the market, capable of spraying any surface in at least a third of the time it would take you to use a brush or a roller. If you have a daunting wall to finish (no pun intended), Paint Zoom would certainly come in handy.

9. The Furminator De-shedding Tool

A list of the top ten As Seen on Tv products

If you own a dog, your wood floors have probably turned into fur carpets. Thus, if your dog can’t stop shedding, there’s a neat way to go about removing the fur before it even falls off. The Furminator. This device combs through your pet’s fur, even reaching its undercoat, sucking up loose fur, so you can always keep your house neat. What more can you ask? Furminator for Governor!

8. Grill Daddy Pro

A list of the top ten As Seen on Tv products

Anyone with a grill knows how burdensome it can be to clean a charred grill. It takes the fun out of anything you just ate. However, thanks to Grill Daddy Pro, cleaning a grill can be a heck of a lot easier. This contraption steam cleans even the dirtiest grills so that you won’t have to work hard at all. And every grill owner can utter a universal sigh of relief.

7. Forearm Forklift

A list of the top ten As Seen on Tv products

We all know how difficult it can be to move furniture, especially if Lou Ferrigno’s not around. However, thanks to a rather simple, inexpensive invention called the Forearm Forklift, you can now lift anything you want, bookcase, mattress, desk, etc., just by supporting it with ropes on your forearm. And if that’s still too heavy, you may want to check out the next product at number 6…

6. Iron Gym

A list of the top ten As Seen on Tv products

This maxim will soon be passed on as an ancient wisdom. Never trust an As Seen on TV exercise machine; they work for crap. However, when you put together four of the best exercises ever into one device, you shouldn’t be too disappointed. The Iron Gym is a much hyped, but quite effective piece of exercise equipment that allows you to do pull-ups on your bedroom door. And the best part is that the hinges won’t collapse.

5. Teeter Hang Up Machine

A list of the top ten As Seen on Tv products

Anyone with back problems could agree that the Teeter Hang Up machine has flipped their world upside down! Cheesy, I know. But seriously, this inversion table is not only safer than it looks, but more helpful than you can imagine, capable of relieving back pain in just ten seconds by hanging you upside down from your ankles, much like your 5th grade bully.

4. Swivel Sweeper

A list of the top ten As Seen on Tv products

Sweeping will never be fun, but if it came close, it would be because of the Swivel Sweeper, the vacuum that can clean at any and every angle. This quick, light-weight and inexpensive alternative to the clunky vacuum is like a Mary Poppins dust mop, and a true gem of boring afternoon infomercials.

3. Proactiv Acne Treatment

A list of the top ten As Seen on Tv products

Anytime Jessica Simpson and P. Diddy advertise an As Seen on TV product, it’s either of two things: Pop music has finally been exposed for what it’s worth, or the product’s just surprisingly legit. Deemed the best acne fighting system on the market by so many, Proactiv is a 90 day skin care unit that works in three easy steps to renew, revitalize and repair skin from blemishes to not only clear up your skin, but prevent future breakouts. It’s no wonder why celebrities use it. What’s even better is that you don’t have to be a celebrity to afford it.

2. Quick Chop

A list of the top ten As Seen on Tv products

Faster than a knife and easier than a food processor, Quick Chop is possibly the easiest kitchen tool on the market, able to dice, mince, chop or slice absolutely anything in so many different ways, its inventor must have been a ninja. Just push on the handle and you can chop vegetables, herbs, cheese, nuts, etc. in the blink of an eye.

1. Life Alert

A list of the top ten As Seen on Tv products

With the leading cause of senior citizen death being accidental injury, it’s no surprise why Life Alert is such a brilliant device, a true gift to all seniors and an easy Number 1 on this list. Press one button and you can activate the Life Alert headquarters to help you even in the toughest situations. This is such a good idea, of course, that you can shop similar emergency alert products and services to get exactly the type of reassurance you need. Thus, with this tiny device, no matter your age, you can live comfortably, confidently and fearlessly.


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