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Top 10 Bartending Tricks

Written by: Editorial Staff

September 29, 2011
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One of the top ten bartending tricksContributed by Korina Rossi, Top 10 Guru

There’s more to throwing the cocktail party of the millennium than stocking the pantry with premium liquor.

Your friends and family will inevitably expect entertainment to accompany their free drinks. Since learning to juggle flaming vodka bottles is best done before the party, it’s best to stick to tamer time-tested bartending tricks.

Here are my top ten bartending tricks:

10. Traveling Booze

One of the top ten bartending tricks

Show your guests two glasses filled with different color liquids, one on top of the other, but separated by a playing card. When you pull the card out, they’ll be amazed when the two liquids from the two glasses reverse places like a lava lamp. The trick works best if the top glass has a dense liquid like oil.

9. Bill in Water

One of the top ten bartending tricks

Removing a dollar that is floating inside of two glasses can seem like an impenetrable conundrum when legless, but the answer is easy. Slide a playing card through the crack between the glasses and slowly jimmy the card out.

8. Pen through a Dollar

One of the top ten bartending tricks

Remember the bar rat who bet you that he could put a pen through a dollar without making a hole and then left you one beer short for the night? The “Pen through a Dollar” trick relies on a magnetic pen that breaks in half. You’ll find these sorts of tricks in a magic kit.

7. Egg in a Bottle

One of the top ten bartending tricks

Another trick that showcases the mystical power of matches, the dare is to induce a hard boiled egg into a bottle that has a mouth not quite wide enough for the egg. Toss a lit match into the bottle before replacing the egg on the mouth, and watch as the oxygen debt forms a vacuum that gradually sucks in the egg.

6. Coin Under a Match

One of the top ten bartending tricks

In this sleight of hand, you balance two match heads against each other, in an “A” shape, with a coin underneath one of them. Challenge your buddies that you can remove the coin without touching the matches. Lighting the two match heads will make them fuse together, freeing the coin.

5. Freezing a Beer

One of the top ten bartending tricks

Since warm beer is every beer nerd’s nightmare, you can stun a few people by showing them a beer freezing before their eyes. But there’s some preparation: first, freeze a beer for a few hours. When you take it from the freezer, it will still seem liquid. Hit it with a glass—or another beer—and a chemical reaction will occur before their eyes freezing the beer.

4. Lighter under a Bottle

One of the top ten bartending tricks

Lighters are used for scores of bartending tricks, but leave your swanky lighter in your pocket. In this simple trick, place a plastic lighter under an empty bottle and bet to remove the lighter without upending the bottle. If your movements are swift enough, you should be able to flick the lighter fast enough to leave the bottle undisturbed.

3. Pick Up a Shot Glass

One of the top ten bartending tricks

If you have steely nerves, you might be able to pick up a shot glass without using your fingers. The method is to pour a small amount of 100 proof alcohol into the shot glass, light it with a match, and then cover your shot glass with the palm of your hand. The vacuum created should be enough to carry the glass, but perhaps we should leave this one to the pros.

2. Creeping wine

One of the top ten bartending tricks

For this trick, pour some wine into a saucer and place a bing cherry in the center. If you deftly light the cherry, placing the wine glass over it, the wine will creep back into the glass. Better to use the cheap wine for this one, instead of your fine chardonnay.

1. One Finger Pull

One of the top ten bartending tricks

Like pulling a tablecloth from a table without breaking dishes, this trick will seem impossible until you show it to your friends. Lay a dollar on top of an empty bottle and a stack of coins on top of that. Removing the dollar is as easy as dampening your finger by stealth. The droplets will create the traction necessary to pull the dollar.

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