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Top 10 Benefits of Getting a Dog

Written by: Editorial Staff

June 29, 2012
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benefits of a dogContributed by Info Guru Paul Seaburn

I’m a dog person – I can still remember the name, face and lick of every dog that has been my companion.

Dogs don’t ask for much – food, water, shelter and an occasional scratch – and give so much more in return. Whether you purchase one from a breeder or rescue one from a shelter, the benefits of getting a dog are enormous.

10. Fitness


A dog is a happy-go-lucky inexpensive health club membership. Let your dog lead you out the door and into walking, throwing and chasing out in the fresh air. A pooch with a ball is better motivation than any fitness coach. Invest in a well-fitting harness or collar and a leash that is sturdy enough to control your dog and you’ll have a walking or running buddy every time you are ready to burn some calories.

9. Responsibility


We’ve all seen the cartoon of a child with a dog asking, “Can I keep him?” and the mom replying, “Only if you take care of him.” Caring for, feeding and training a dog teach kids daily responsibility and discipline and a happy playful dog is a better reward than any allowance.

8. Togetherness


Dogs immediately become a member of the family and can provide the happy glue that unifies the rest. They’ll eat with the family, join you on vacation and give you a warm shoulder to lean on when you need comfort.

7. Security


Statistics show that burglars avoid houses with barking dogs, and we all know that even small dogs can have big mean barks. Walking with a well-trained dog can also deter purse snatchers and other street crime.

6. Companionship


A dog is a faithful companion, a good listener who will never tell your secrets and a warm snuggler better than any blanket. That makes dogs great antidotes for loneliness. In fact, nursing homes report that residents often prefer visits by dogs than by people!

5. Date Finder

date finder

Take your dog on a leash for a walk in the park and it will automatically give you something to talk about with that cute person walking their dog. In fact, your dog will probably pull you two together under the pretense of wanting to sniff each others’ rear. Dogs beat social media for meeting people paws down.

4. Allergy Fighters


It will be easier to sweep up all that dog hair if you remind yourself that many doctors say that having a dog helps children avoid allergies. The fur and dander of a dog helps train a child’s immune system to fight germs and bacteria that can cause allergies and asthma.

3. Lower Blood Pressure

lower blood pressure

Nothing takes your mind off of the stress and tension of work and daily life like a dog. They’re proven to help lower blood pressure both by relieving stress and by getting you outdoors for a walk.

2. Comedy


Dogs do the funniest things and they don’t mind getting laughed at – in fact, they’ll take it as a sign to do some more. Give a puppy a fun dog toy, an empty box or an older dog a old blanket and they’ll provide lots of cheap comedy entertainment with no cover charge.

1. Anti-Depressant


Charles Shulz and his Peanuts gang taught us that happiness is a warm puppy. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you have a warm puppy to play with. Many people put the dog’s bed right next to theirs, for a comforting touch in the night. Touch is a strong stress reliever, so petting a dog offers a great benefit to both the giver and the receiver.

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