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Top 10 Best Disco Songs

Written by: Editorial Staff

August 5, 2010
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Contributed by Leah Jewel Alexander, Info Guru

Party, fun, sweat, skates, violins playing in unison, leisure suits, afros, Donna Summer, John Travolta, and hoards of happy, smiling people, dancing the night away, all come to mind at the slight mention of the word, “disco.”

Something comes over people when disco is added to the mix. At the first sight of the almighty shine and glimmer of the disco ball, a glaze comes over people’s eyes and the music begins speaking in a peculiar, yet scrumptious tongue, decipherable only by disco lovers.

Once the continuously-pounding beat drops, people begin to speak this one-word language, shouting in high-pitched tones, “Oo-ah oo-ah! Oo-ah oo-ah!”

10. I Love The Night Life

Alicia Bridges pays homage to the boogie spirit of disco with this jovial classic.

9. That’s The Way I Like It

K.C. & The Sunshine Band know how to get people up, on their Studio 54 feet. This song is a classic and a staple at discos everywhere.

8. Do The Hustle

No one really knew what joys this new phenomenon called disco would bring in 1975 when the late Van McCoy released this best disco song, but we would all be in for quite a treat!

7. Le Freak

Chic brings the freak out to the dance floor with this best disco song that never gets old.

6. MacArthur Park

This sprightly tune by Donna Summer, “Queen of Disco,” helped define disco as a musical genre’ in 1978 upon its release in the U.S., the U.K., and in Norway.

5. You Make Me Feel

Sylvester introduced the world to far more than his transgender lifestyle when this hit the scene in 1978. After listening and dancing to this hit, there is no doubt what it is like to, “Feel mighty real.”

4. I Will Survive

Helping great numbers of women, in particular, overcome the pains of heartbreak; this is a fist-pumper.

Gloria Gaynor took a swing across the dance floor on the shiny, golden disco ball, playing dress-up in her therapist costume on this one, taking home several Grammys and a virtual degree in psychology.

3. Y.M.C.A.

Released in 1978, this Village People anthem is also widely hailed as a gay anthem, and is still just as popular as it ever was.

People all over the world continue to do the choreographed group dance, spreading their arms and legs to spell out the abbreviation, “Y.M.C.A.”

2. Stayin’ Alive

Recorded by The Bee Gees, this song is recognized all over the world as an anthem. You can also find it on the Madagascar Movie Soundtrack.

When I hear this song, for some, odd reason, I feel a sudden compulsion to put on a pair of transparent platform high heel shoes with little goldfish swimming around in them, for all to see.

Perhaps I can borrow the pair that actor, Antonio Fargas donned in the movie I’m Gonna Git You Sucka!

1. Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)

This was a major hit for “The King of Pop,” Michael and his famous brothers, The Jacksons, in the early days of disco. Elderly ladies with blue hair and other dance-mongers at the infamous Studio 54 could never have expected the fever caused by this disco classic!

The songs on this list make up the ten best disco songs of all time. Each song can stand on its own and make a dance party happen on its own merits for musical quality, dance-ability, and most of all, hypnotic potential.

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