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Top 10 Best Shopping in Los Angeles

Written by: Editorial Staff

January 3, 2012
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A list of the top ten best shopping in Los AngelesContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

For die hard shoppers, “I Love L.A.” is more than a song, it’s an anthem.

Whether you live in or around the City of Lights or are coming for a visit, get your credit card arm ready; shopping nirvana is near.

But with all the options, where to begin? Why, the top ten best shopping in Los Angeles list of course.

10. Westwood Village

A list of the top ten best shopping in Los Angeles

As you may know, Westwood is home to UCLA and the millions of students that seem to attend the school. As such, you’ll find a ton of low-priced shops and eateries catering to the poor student. Of course, if they’re attending UCLA chances are they’re not that poor, but you get the idea. What’s neat about this area is right next to many of these low-lying bargain stores are high-end boutiques the neighboring inhabitants frequent. A little of this and a whole lot of that make this a unique shopping experience.

9. The Grove

A list of the top ten best shopping in Los Angeles

Yes, there are dozens and dozens of shops to frequent at The Grove, but it’s the extracurricular goodies that place The Grove on our list of must-visits when shopping in Los Angeles. You can jump on an old-school trolley that’s been around since the 50’s, sit back and relax to some Sinatra piped throughout the plaza or check out the hourly water show. Good shopping? Yeah, definitely; but it’s the overall experience that makes The Grove a worthwhile stop.

8. Montana Avenue

A list of the top ten best shopping in Los Angeles

In and around the 15th Avenue area in Santa Monica you’ll find a hidden little gem in Montana Avenue. You may not recognize the faces, but it’s likely you’ll rub shoulders with directors, producers and other behind the scenes types from the movie biz. If you’re anxious for some hustle and bustle, this isn’t it. Feel like a leisurely stroll and some window shopping? Perfect.

7. Sunset Plaza

A list of the top ten best shopping in Los Angeles

The Plaza is the Plaza, so it must be included on any list of shopping in Los Angeles. Be forewarned however, while there are some great shops (Madison and Anna Sui) the area is swarming with tourists and celebs just aching to be seen. Most shoppers will gander about a bit, then plop down in one of the seemingly endless outdoor cafes and settle in for some serious people-watching. The snob factor on Sunset is off the charts; which is exactly why many people traverse this famous area.

6. Third Street Promenade

A list of the top ten best shopping in Los Angeles

This makes our list for a couple of reasons. One, it’s a great walking set up when shopping in Los Angeles, and with the nice weather you may as well get out and enjoy. Third Street also boasts a number of antique and one-of-kind stores you won’t find at many of the other area areas on this list.

5. Robertson Boulevard

A list of the top ten best shopping in Los Angeles

When you vacation, do you prefer to hang with the locals, or wander in lime green shorts with the proverbial camera around the neck that screams “TOURIST” to any and all? If you prefer the former, the Robertson area between Beverly and 3rd is for you. This is where those in the know prefer to do their shopping in Los Angeles, including the celebs. A quick bite at The Ivy before wandering the aisles of the swanky jewelry shops for luxury watches, gold and diamonds is likely to turn up a famous face or two.

4. The Golden Triangle

A list of the top ten best shopping in Los Angeles

This shopping wonder includes the famous Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills, and encompasses an area between Santa Monica Boulevard, Wilshire and Canon Drive. With more upscale boutiques than a small country, here’s where you’ll find the likes of Cartier, Tiffany’s, Chanel and other internationally acclaimed designers. Even if you’re not in a position to drop a cool $10,000 on a new gown, the Triangle takes people watching to an entirely new level.

3. Santee Alley

A list of the top ten best shopping in Los Angeles

For the bargain hunter; yes, that’s possible when shopping in Los Angeles; Santee Alley is definitely your kind of place. This is widely considered the fashion district in L.A. (sans the sweatshops) and there are serious bargains to be had. Be on your toes though, most of the bargains are well concealed knock-offs. But if you can’t tell, how likely is it your friends will?

2. Beverly Boulevard

A list of the top ten best shopping in Los Angeles

Upscale, ultimately casual and sophisticated all at the same time, Beverly in and around the La Brea area is great shopping experience. The boutiques won’t pressure you to buy, so window shopping or simply wandering the aisles is not only okay, it’s encouraged. If you do get the itch to work that credit card swiping machine, drop into Naked; a unique shop with nothing but European designers showing off their wares.

1. Melrose

A list of the top ten best shopping in Los Angeles

The #1 stop on our Los Angeles shopping extravaganza lands us squarely on Melrose Avenue. Why? The diversity of this area is ideal. On the one hand, wandering Melrose up to La Brea will expose you to one of hippest shopping areas around, as it has been for the past 40 years. The shops alone are worth checking out; wacky wild stuff as Carson used to say. A quick trip over to the west side will land you in a district that rivals Rodeo Drive with Fred Segal’s, Forinara and other top-of-the-line clothiers.


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