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Top 10 Best Wedding Colors

Written by: Editorial Staff

March 7, 2012
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A list of the top ten best wedding colorsContributed by Aurora LaJambre, Top 10 Guru

You don’t have to be a designer to understand the role wedding colors play in the overall look and feel of your big day.

The best wedding colors set the mood, whether it’s festive, sophisticated or over the top, but they also unify your theme and personal touches. The entire color wheel is your potential palette so it’s time to get choosey.

These top ten best wedding colors represent every season and many styles from traditional to ultra glam.

10. Silver

A list of the top ten best wedding colors

Silver is a gorgeous color for a wedding beneath the stars. While silver can work with almost any accent color, consider the season. The metallic luster can make a white gown glow, but too many additional colors can make things look too busy. Pink and silver are a classic wedding color combination, as well as pale blue or yellow.

9. Gold

A list of the top ten best wedding colors

Go for the gold if you want to make you guests say ‘Ooh lala’. Non-metallic yellow gold makes a striking contrast against a white gown, and the textured browns and reds of fall. In winter, metallic gold creates a warm yet formal mood fit for a grand ballroom.

8. Orange

A list of the top ten best wedding colors

Orange is a great wedding color from spring through fall because it’s a color of joy, creativity and happiness. This eye-catching color is unforgettable with bright red in summer, and browns and deep reds for fall weddings. It’s intense and gorgeous on simple bridesmaid dresses or monochrome bouquets.

7. Red

A list of the top ten best wedding colors

The color of passion, red is among the best wedding colors. Planning an autumn wedding? Use a dark burgundy or wine red to contrast the vibrant oranges, yellows and greens. For a summer or spring wedding, stick to the brighter shades like candy apple red. Red is used as often for an accent color as the primary one. If your vision is dramatic, go for the bolder choice of red with champagne, gold or silver accents.

6. Yellow

A list of the top ten best wedding colors

Yellow is a stand out color for summer weddings. It’s bright, happy and energizing. For a summer wedding where you want to keep the wedding theme décor simple with a handmade feel, yellow flowers in mason jars, and a pale yellow cake and table linens is really all you need.

5. Blue

A list of the top ten best wedding colors

Blue adds a tropical, dreamy flair to summer weddings, and comes in an array of shades that you can pair together. It represents fidelity so you really couldn’t choose a better color to reflect your future life together. Plus, everyone looks lovely in blue so your bridesmaids will be flashing smiles all over the place.

4. Black

A list of the top ten best wedding colors

Black is a classic choice for any season. It provides a sleek, elegant backdrop that allows the wedding gown and flowers to really pop. Use a consistent accent color in the bouquets, bridesmaid sashes and jewelry. Pink, blue, red, green or yellow are a few accent options to add balance and enhance the fun factor.

3. Purple

A list of the top ten best wedding colors

Those who love purple tend to obsess over finding just the right shade. Ideal for a sunset wedding, purple captures romance in a glorious, regal way. It’s a color you can layer using three different shades or use as a stand alone. A few stylish suggestions include pairing bright purple with lavender and white in summer, or plum with olive green or brown in fall.

2. Green

A list of the top ten best wedding colors

There’s something about green as a wedding color that is warm and fun and makes you want to dance all night. Fitting for an outdoor wedding, green recalls the natural beauty of trees and rolling hills. It also adds a whimsical touch, and goes with any color you accent it with, as long you choose the right shades. Whether you’re Irish or not, emerald will bring you luck and energize the whole night.

1. Pink

A list of the top ten best wedding colors

Men call it girly, but pink is one of the most versatile wedding colors. It’s ultra feminine and flirty, which makes the groom and other tuxedo-clad men look like the luckiest guys in the world. Pale, pearly pink adds a romantic glow to winter weddings, while bright, cherry blossom pink with green paints a perfect picture in spring and summer.

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