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Top 10 Big Brother Big Sister Ideas

Written by: Editorial Staff

May 31, 2012
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big brother big sister ideasContributed by Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Welcoming a new baby is a huge deal for the whole family and a bit of a transition for the new big brother or sister.

Your first child is about to learn how to share attention, toys and space every single day whether he or she is ready or not. Surprising your first born with a little gift at this time will make them that they’re as special to you as the new baby.

These top ten big brother big sister ideas will help your little one embrace their new role as a sibling.

10. Personalized Step Stool

foot stool

Paint your child’s name on a sturdy step stool so he can feel even bigger than he already is. Step stools make it easier for kids to reach the sink when brushing their teeth and washing their hands, plus they can use them when making crafts or helping out in the kitchen.

9. Personalized Dolls

personal doll

A personalized Big Sister or Big Brother doll will give them something to carry around with pride. They typically come with a dress or shirt that says ‘Big Sister’ or Big Brother’ on the front, and you can choose the color of the doll’s hair to match your child’s.

8. Handprint Art for New Siblings

handprint art

Once the baby is born, dip her little hands and feet in finger paints and press them against thick paper or fabric. Do the same with your older child. Once it dries, frame and mat it and give it to the new big sister to hang proudly in her room with other fun wall art. This is something she’ll always have to hold dear. In fact, you may want to make two so the new baby has one as well.

7. Personalized Tote Bag

tote bag

Look no further for big brother big sister ideas than a special tote bag or school back pack so they can carry around their favorite toys. These bags happily declare ‘I’m a Big Sister’ and many stores give you the option of having your child’s name printed on it. This way she can carry her books or dolls on one arm, and hold her siblings hand with the other.

6. Sibling Growth Chart

growth chart

What better way to show a child what a big boy he is than with a fun sibling growth chart in a special gift basket? Rather than comparing who gets more attention, this will help him see all the perks of growing up. For example, a growth chart shows him the new sports he gets to try now that he’s a big boy. And in a few years, when the new baby wants to play, big brother can show the way.

5. Photo Album


Customizable photo albums made especially for a new sibling are a perfect big brother big sister idea. Pages are tear resistant and the albums are big enough to hold standard 4”x6” photos. You can make a monthly routine of setting out new photos and letting her choose a few to show the story of their first year together.

4. Books for New Siblings


You’ll find the bookstore shelves full of books for new big brothers and sisters. These books tell simple stories that aim to help children understand what it really means to be the big sibling, and they alleviate any fears that they’ll be forgotten. recommends ‘There’s Going to be a Baby’ ‘Waiting for Baby’ and ‘Baby on the Way’ as a few books written to get kids excited about their new playmate.

3. Super Sibling Cape


Not only do you have a new baby, but now you can have a super sister or super brother as well. And nothing inspires brotherly love quite like super powers. Look for a child’s super hero cape and attach a patch or button around the collar with their first initial, or check out the customizable capes over at

2. Clothing

personalized t shirts

If you want the world to know something, put it on a tee shirt. Tee shirts that say Big Brother or Big Sister invite friends and family to congratulate your little one. It makes them feel more included in the happy chaos that surrounds a new baby. Once they outgrow them, these are definitely shirts to put in the keepsake box.

1. Quality Time

quality time

You’re going to be busy with a new baby around, but older children probably crave most is some of that one-on-one quality time they had when they were still the ‘baby’. Surprise the new big sibling with a day of fun for just the two of you; odds are you could use a day off, too. Head to a local playground with a picnic basket, or go to an amusement park for some fun rides and entertainment.

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